3550 rue Saint-Jacques & 6815 Rte Transcanadienne

Programme B

A/Maze is a Montreal based company offering immersive escape games to test your abilities to solve problems in group. Located downtown Montreal and in the city of Pointe-Claire, it’s 7 different role-playing games you can discover with your friends, your family or your workmates during a team building’s day for example.


From 30 to 60 minutes long, each scenario will give you the opportunity to improve your logic, observation, creativity and survival skills. In the game called Military Facility you will have to prevent a zombie attack in the city due to a virus in humans blood. If you choose to enter the world of Lost Temple, you’ll walk in the tracks of an antique Slavic Tribe and if your team feels like being a pirate for an hour, you can still experience Pirate Ship to find out what was this mystery around the shipwreck found in La Baie Des Chaleurs around the 19th century !


Different levels of difficulty are available and these escape games are a good occasion to celebrate a bachelorette/bachelor party, a birthday or another special event in an original way. Everything has been designed to immerse your team into a whole new world. « Sound, lighting system and decoration are chosen to give participants a realistic experience and a deeper dive into selected universe, » according to the creators of the espace games.


Be relieved, it’s not about horror at all. In A/Maze plays, nothing will jump at your team or come scare you behind your back... On the contrary, escape games are a perfect occasion to measure your capacity to resolve riddles, stay focused and above all else, strive in cohesion.


Moreover, all the activites are a hundred percent non dangerous and do not required a specific physical training. For your safety, each escape game is equipped with video surveillance, but don’t forget to escape before it’s too late if you want to win !


A/maze strongly recommends to book the games in advance and its owners mention that it’s also possible to rent the entire space for at least two hours on request. Catering might also be arranged with the restaurant Le Bon Vivant.


Note that games are offered in both English and French. The West Island location (Pointe-Claire) has 3 experiences and the downtown Montreal location offers 5 games.




MTL : 1.514.303.1616

Point-Claire: 1.514.505.1324