Fernanda Salazar, CEO/owner of MUCHAkombucha

Valle de Bravo | México
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Who are you and what is your background?

I'm Fernanda, and with my husband Alejandro, we founded MUCHAkombucha. We work together with our children, Alex, Fer and Fabi, while making the kombucha. We are native from the north of our country (Mexico), we moved to Valle de Bravo (State of Mexico) searching for a better quality of life for us, which we found here as well as an excellent kombucha production environment.


Your current job:

I work as the production and marketing head in MUCHAkombucha, and my other job is designing and decorating social events. My husband's area is the sales management in MUCHA, as well as a partner in another company which sells organic biofertilizers.


In which city:

Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, México


How did you discover kombucha?

We had already heard of kombucha but didn't really know anything about it. Short after arriving here in Valle I received an invitation to take a course on fermentations and was formally introduced to kombucha and received our first SCOBY.


What prompted you to start your company?

After starting our own kombucha production, for local consumption, we found that in Mexico it wasn't easy to get a bottle of kombucha so we started sharing our bottled ones and discovered that most people who tried it, whether they knew about it or not, liked our kombucha and felt great while and after drinking it.


What makes your product unique?

Our kombucha is made with water from a natural spring from the mountains near us, as well as organic green tea and only natural, local and in-season ingredients, which makes our product unique in the market given that it does not contain extra sugar other than the necessary for the fermentation or any other fruit pulp which might modify it; we also allow natural carbonation without added chemicals.

Our kombucha is given different flavors only by natural infusions or tisanas, as well as some very carefully handled natural dehydrated fruits, in order to not leave any unwanted residue.


What do you want to convey through your brand image?

We want to show, through our image, all which happens inside the kombucha and point out the benevolent properties of a good fermented beverage, allowing the naturally-occurring yeasts and enzymes formed when the kombucha is alive to show.


What are the main challenges in your company?

The main roadblock we've found is the ignorance towards the kombucha and its benefits, as well as having to fight against the junk food culture that grasps the whole world, especially Mexico. Which is why, for us, it’s of extreme importance to have a direct connection with the consumer of our product, so we can transmit the advantages of drinking kombucha as part of their regular diet.

Another major challenge we've faced is finding a distribution chain with the quality and caring conditions for a living beverage to be able to be delivered to the national community.


What tools are essential for your work(app, software)? 

 social media mostly


A word to define what type of worker you are: 



What does your office space look like?

Our workspace isn't very sophisticated, we've designated, and are still adapting, a special area in our home for the production of the kombucha. 


Do you have a way to organize your days to optimize your work?

I start early in the morning with a healthy dose of yoga for me and my team (family). After everyone leaves to do their chores or school, I begin taking care of orders and deliveries as well as managing the social media of MUCHA. In the evening, when the team is back together, we start bottling up whichever kombucha tank is ready and we also tag the bottles depending on the flavor. Before having dinner, we set up the boxes which will go for delivery the next day.


What tips would you give to improve productivity?

I think I would say, always do your best.


What is the best advice you have been given?

 “There’s always a way to do things better… find it”


What are your end-of-day and early-day routine?

Regarding the kombucha, in the mornings I program deliveries and check social media. And in the evenings I check the fermentation tanks and results of my posts on social media.


Apart from your computer and your phone, what gadget cannot you do without?

Gadget indispensable: medidor de PH

I don’t rely that much on gadgets to depend on more than just my phone and computer.


upcoming products or projects?

One of our next projects is making a salad dressing with kombucha vinegar as a base, and sell it to health-conscious individuals.

The pictures of our product are below these questions, we couldn’t take the team photo but I’ll make sure to send it to you by Tuesday evening. I’ll also make sure to send this same document together with that photo.