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London | UK
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Gina is the Queen Kombucha Brewerand Luke is Master Director of all things Fermented

Gina is the Queen Kombucha Brewerand Luke is Master Director of all things Fermented

Who are you and what is your background?

WE are both from the creative industry- Gina was a creative and Luke used to produce events. That is how we met.


Your current job:

Wild Fizz Baby! It’s Kombucha full time now, no time for anything else.



In which city:

London, UK


How did you discover kombucha?

Gina- In America, on a big incredible adventure which ended with a scribble in my notebook- ‘Can I start a Kombucha company?’- and I went home and did.



What prompted you to start your company?

Gina- I’ve struggled with IBS since my early 20’s and when in the states was drinking it all the time and noticed how my energy levels were up, and that my gut was being more friendly. I did some research and realized I’d stumbled across something truly magical. From then on I knew Kombucha was gonna become a huge part of my life.



What makes your product unique?

Gina- It was important us that Wild Fizz not only would be good for your gut but also good for the planet, so all ingredients are organic and we are actively working to eliminate plastic in the manufacturing and production. Our flavors are tailor-made to give you different experiences- Ginger + Turmeric + Black Pepper for energy, Jasmine for a clean lift and Lavender, Lemons, and Rosemary for a calming, balancing feeling.


What do you want to convey through your brand image?

Gina- Pick up a bottle of Wild Fizz and you are not just drinking something delicious and refreshing, but you are also actively promoting a healthy gut and body. We want to make it easy for people to enjoy a healthy product.



What are the main challenges in your company?

Kombucha is well known in the States and Australia, so people buy it because they know how amazing it is. Here in the UK, we are a few years behind, and so our biggest challenge is to get people to try it. So we spend a lot of time sampling and trying to reach out, to promote this elixir of life to everyone we can, one person at a time. A grassroots movement to change the nations gut health takes a lot of J



What tools are essential for your work(app, software)?

We couldn’t live without our laptops, because we work everywhere, including the brewery. Our phones are also essential for the day to day runnings. Apart from that, I can’t survive without my Big Book of Kombucha- my bible.



A word to define what type of worker you are:

Gina- creativeness



What does your office space look like?

Gina- Our office is our brewery- so full of tea and big SCOBIES



 Do you have a way to organize your days to optimize your work?

Gina- working on that. Early up and late to bed.



What tips would you give to improve productivity?




What is the best advice you have been given?

Gina- Get on with it an being scared is a sign you are learning



What are your end-of-day and early-day routine?

Gina- caffeinated tea in the morning, herbal tea at night & Kombucha all day long.



Apart from your computer and your phone, what gadget cannot you do without?

Gina- Our Vitamix



 upcoming products or projects?

Gina- I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you, (with gut loving hugs OBVS.)

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