How to date a woman successfully: best advice


A date is an exciting and memorable event. We all like this feeling of lightness, romance, adventure. To make a great first impression you should carefully approach the organization of a date. Often men are nervous, which leads to awkward actions. Following the tips from this article you can successfully hold your date and not disappoint the woman you are interested in, but on the contrary, set her up for a new date.


It is best to start dating on the Internet. Of course, there are many ways to meet your soulmate, however, dating sites cut off people who are simply not interested in it, and also allow you to create a buffer in communication before seeing in person for the first time. is best for me, it has a convenient interface and a huge audience, among whom you will definitely find the right person.

Sometimes it’s difficult to win the girl you like. You have to do your best to create the right impression. People say that most modern ladies prefer expensive entertainment. Therefore a lot of men, especially those who are not thinking about where to seduce the girl on the first date, go to a restaurant or cafe. Of course, there is nothing criminal in public catering establishments, but such a trivial approach seems so boring.

You should choose an interesting place for a date with a woman depending on what you both like. Girls enjoy the attention, but you shouldn’t patronize them and concentrate on them too much. Better to find some kind of balance. Warm spring and summer days are the best time for dating outside. What could be more romantic than walking in the park or boating in some beautiful place? A romantic ride on horses will appeal to many girls. However, if both of you do not have sufficient sports training, it is preferable to use the services of a horse-drawn carriage.

In the cold season, you can choose different activities like cinema, theatres, comedy clubs in London, museums, even lectures, depending on what you like. You can also learn about this from her profile on

Almost all the time women judge you on your behavior. Be natural. Don’t fuss, be careful with the pay attention to the fact that your laughter is not too loud, watch how quickly you speak. Excessive gesticulation, fidgeting, or bouncing would be superfluous. Best of all - just stay yourself!

Avoid negative conversations. Positive communication topics are your top priority, you can talk about anything that interests both of you. The basis of communication with girls is positive emotions. Remember that girls do not like pessimists, this is proven by psychologists. If you want to be successful with women - just stay positive in everything.

Do go into trying to impress a woman. The best thing is to avoid talks about your heroic deeds, as invented stories are easily felt. Deceiving her, you can get confused or forget, so all the truth will open very quickly. Such behavior will spoil her opinion about you. One of the most efficient ways to impress the woman you like is to stay restraint and modest, it is always the best.

Chatting with women and dating them is a very pleasant and unforgettable thing. Be yourself, stay polite and punctual, make some preparations and your dates will be great!