How is St Patrick's Day celebrated in Northern Ireland schools?

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St Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated not only in Ireland and Northern Ireland but also all over the world. We are well aware of public celebrations that are happening on this day. However, not that many people are familiar with all the events that occur in Northern Ireland schools on this day. This article presents a detailed description of the way in which St Patrick’s Day is celebrated at schools in Northern Ireland.

To begin with, a lot of schoolchildren show up in costumes on St Patrick’s Day. In case a student does not have a costume, they will still be wearing something green. What is vital to highlight is that this tradition is rather common among college majors as well. There are tons of events organized by schools on this day, such as various concerts, plays and so on. Quite often students join the parade in their town.

A lot of students follow the Saint Patrick’s Trail in order to learn more about the links between the patron saint and the country. According to the social science research studies, St Patricks’ Day is celebrated by the Irish no matter where they live. Furthermore, it is not merely an Irish holiday. It is slowly becoming an international holiday as the representatives of other nationalities join the celebration more and more often.

Some schools in Northern Ireland take part in the Pilgrim's Walk which takes place from the Navan Centre to Down Cathedral. The walk takes more than a day. In general, it will take you from six to ten days to complete it depending on the walking pace you choose. Another important aspect of St Patrick’s Day celebrations is food. A lot of schools organize events during which students are either asked to bring some traditional Irish school or they cook it together. This a fun activity as it encourages everyone to communicate, work on something together, as well as learn more about the traditions of their country.

Speaking about the celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Belfast, there is an annual Carnival Parade that place among the streets of the city all the way to Custom House Square. Local dancers and musicians take part in a concert that takes place right after the parade. It is hard not to join the celebration as St Patrick’s Day is a very important holiday for the Irish. Even if you are supposed to work on your sociology research paper outline, you will still figure out a way to enjoy all the fun that is happening on this day. What is more, you can get high-quality assistance with the task of writing a sociology paper these days. You do not necessarily have to choose from a variety of good topics for sociology paper or work on that sociology research paper outline yourself. There are a few reliable services that will not only help you choose a unique issue to dwell upon from the list of sociology research paper topics, but will also help you come up with an impressive sociology paper right before the deadline. If you cannot write a sociology research paper outline or do not know which one of the sociology topics for essay to select, there is nothing to worry about. Nowadays, you can have an expert assist you when you are working on the task of writing a sociology research paper outline.

Taking everything into consideration, St Patrick’s Day is one of the most important holidays in Northern Ireland. It is celebrated in schools as well. A lot of interesting events are organized to make sure everyone is involved in the celebration process. On this day, school children as well as citizens of cities join the Carnival Parade and walk along the streets celebrating the patron saint. Every single schoolkid knows how significant this day is for the Irish. 

Photo by Mark Dalton from Pexels