11 Reasons Why Your Blog Articles Fail

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If you have been blogging for some time but not getting much success in generating more traffic, you must be doing something wrong. We have listed below a few reasons why your blog may be failing;

1. Creating Complex Headings:

Creating complex headlines may seem quirky and out of the box but if the users are unable to understand the topic clearly, they may not be interested in even clicking on the link to read further hence do use unique headings but also keep it simple so that the readers understand what knowledge they can gain by reading the post.

2. Writing Big Paragraphs:

Long articles are preferable rather than it, one but if you keep writing continuous long data, it becomes difficult to read by the users and they may just skip it hence break paragraphs often for the ease to read the article.

3. Not Filling SEO Title and Meta Description:

Just adding a heading to the article is not enough, sometimes the article heading may be long and get truncated in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) hence always make sure to add a different SEO title which contains the keyword for better understanding by the user and increasing ranking on the SERP. Also, do not forget to add a meta description which is a small snippet explaining what your article is about. Naturally, include the keyword in the meta description as well.

4. Not Publishing Regular Posts:

Posting less than once a month is equivalent to not posting. Search engines also prefer sites that post regularly so do your users hence post often.

5. Plagiarism:

Your content should be unique and not copied from some other site hence make sure you publish unique articles or else search engine would penalize your site.

6. Not Linking to Your Old Posts:

Interlinking articles within your own blog is important as you are promoting your own articles. Make sure you add relevant links only for the users to visit which is related to the current topic.

7. The Site looks Unreliable:

There are many websites out there which are not genuine hence for the user to differentiate between such site and yours, you need to build trust by being transparent about all your policy. If you are collecting user data, then be open about the information of where you will use it and how do you maintain the user data privacy to protect it from getting hacked and misused.

8. Using Clunky URLs:

The URL of your article also should be such that the title of the article is understandable. Adding links which look clunky will create a doubt in the user's mind whether they are clicking on a genuine site or is the link just spam hence make sure to change the way your permalink appears.

9. Not Visible on Social Media:

Just writing blogs is not enough, you also need to do your own publicity by being active on social media and reaching out to as many readers as possible.

10. Not Inviting Readers Comment:

Many times, readers will not engage until you ask them hence at the end of each post, invite them to leave a comment or share their opinion and you will see an increased number of comments on a post.

11. Choosing Topics Which Nobody Cares About:

You may love to write about a certain topic but if your readers are not interested to read it, then no point in writing such article as it is going to get unnoticed. Research the market to learn what your readers are interested in reading about and choose such topics.


The only thing that can bring success to blogging is patience as Rome was not built in a day and similarly, your blog will not flourish in a day, give it some time and be consistent and it will start yielding results of your hard work.