Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas to Change Your Imagination

If you are looking for the right light brown hair colour ideas to rock this summer, these tips will help you.
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Ridiculously Cute Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas for Women

By definition, a light brown hair hue is a color that is darker compared to an ash blonde and lighter than medium brown. It is in there between in the color spectrum-not too light nor too darker.

We have collected some of the most adorable light brown color trends with lowlights, highlights, melts and ombres. We are certainly one of these beautiful light brown hair color ideas that will inspire you. Take a look.

1. Light Brown Locks to Ombre.

If you like subtle and smooth change, then this is the right haircut that will sweep you off your feet. It is ideal on long locks and incorporates great depth seamlessly.

2. Natural Red Undertone.

Bringing together dark roots and white blonde tips is a great way to come up with beautiful depth and contrast that looks great on any hair length. Styling of this haircut is made seamless as the hair already incorporates the innate dimension.

3. Golden Highlights.

We really believe that light brown hair and blonde complement each other pretty well. This dark chocolate base faded into a subtle caramel color is straightforwardly noteworthy. Styling some pieces in the front can give a great framing and enhance a brightening effect that brings the entire look to completion.

4. Hot Rick Cider.

The perfect balance between cool and warm hints in a nut-brown hair is something every lady dies for. This beautiful light brown hair looks quite natural and health and at the same time features extraordinary depth and beautiful body.

5. Glossy Gold.

This sleek and cool hair that begins with darker roots is something to be envy about. It is absolutely eye-appealing. It is also amazing to style haircuts like this as every wave in this hairstyle is highly enhanced by the glossy gold.

6. Soft Rose Gold.

This is a fresh and on-trend shade. This metallic hue gives off a seamless shine that highlights textures and waves so gorgeously.

7. Auburn Ombre.

This light brown hairstyle incorporates a lighter and more natural color of the reddish-brown niche that absolutely complements pink skin undertone complexions. It is warm, sexy and it is the right hairstyle to choose if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

8. Mid-Length and Dark Ash.

Smoky hazel layers look fascinatingly great on dark hair roots. This is a straightforward combination that provides great contrast finish that works pretty well on the hair texture.

9. Tan Undertones.

Uneven colors on your hair can enhance excellent dimension and depth to your style, especially if you are adding them on waves. This is an effortless yet beautiful way to enhance natural brunette hair.

10. Warm Brown and Caramel.

This is a honey blonder hairdo. The length of the hair is left long and then extended layers are added to enhance movement and body. The hair looks quite natural. This is a great hair colour for medium brown hair. It is a low maintenance hairstyle and therefore fits women with a busy lifestyle.

11. Lightened Golden Highlights.

Most light brown hairstyles don’t incorporate highlights but this one is unique. It is a bold, dimensional balayage that incorporates natural warmth that is brought about by darker browns. The haircut brings out the contrast so vividly but still, the entire style remains soft and diffused.

This is a great style for any lady looking for a standout haircut that is also low maintenance. It is great for brunettes who need to improve their natural hair color while maintaining damage to a minimum.

12. Caramel Highlights.

This light brown hair is best described as warm-toned, brunette balayage. The hairstyle appears quite natural. The balayage is created to mimic the appeal of the sun when it shines through our hair.

The best thing about this haircut is that it is low maintenance, and can be rocked by all women regardless of their hair type or face shape. As long as you are determined to take care of this hairstyle at home, this is also a great look for brunettes.

13. Chestnut Highlights.

Here is an excellent blend of darker browns and chestnut that gives a dimensional, sun-kissed look. The warm brown chestnut that enhances that “pop” still gives an aspect of subtlety!