Prepare Your Home for Party Season with HVAC Maintenance

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October is the perfect time of year to throw a party. It’s just before the holidays, which means you can get the party season rolling with the first one of the year and most importantly, it’s Halloween!

Halloween is definitely not just for kids anymore. The spooky celebration is basically an excuse for friends to get together and dress up in outrageous costumes.

After the summer, you’ll want to ensure that your house is in good shape in order to host guests. Sometimes we neglect important home maintenance that can result in long-term damage, particularly after using the air conditioner full-time during the summer.

It might seem like an afterthought if you’re planning a party, but ensuring that your HVAC system is up to standard before having guests over can save you a lot of uncomfortable awkwardness.

Without proper care your furnace can rapidly deteriorate. It wouldn’t just be your Halloween party that would be ruined with musty, hot air — your family’s health will be at risk all year long.

For the best furnace repair in Mississauga go with a highly rated and trusted company with years of experience in the business.

If you’re concerned about your system and it’s the night before the big Halloween event, not to worry! Your trusted heating and cooling contractors should provide 24-hour emergency repairs.

Celebrate the scariest night of the year while keeping your party nice and warm with these HVAC maintenance and repair tips!

Clean or Change the Air Filters

Have your contractor demonstrate how to clean or change the air filters in your system. These should be changed regularly throughout the year. Depending on the model of your unit, you’ll either have to carefully clean them or replace them completely.

It’s important to maintain your filters because failure to do so will result in an over clogged, dirty system. Air conditioner filters keep dirt and debris out of the equipment, so if they’re not being cleaned that dirt will pile up and cause the system to rapidly decline.

Not paying attention to the filters will also affect the air quality in your home. The dirt and dust in the filters will find their way into your home and you and your family will be breathing in contaminated air. Also, neglecting your filters makes the air in your home feel muggy due because it’s harder for the air to pass through into your home.

You want your guests to feel cool and comfortable so that they’ll stay and enjoy themselves. Don’t make them leave early because of hot, dirty, and humid air quality!

Ensure the Blower Motor is Functioning

The furnace blower motor drives the fan that provides air movement for the furnace, and it’s where the air filter is installed. It has a lot of working parts, and if it’s not well maintained, it will begin to break down.

If you hear a lot of noise coming from the system, that’s a good indicator that there is a problem with the blower’s electric motor or blower wheel. High, shrill sounds can indicate that two metal surfaces are grinding against one another.

A trained technician can help you identify the source and make changes before it begins to deteriorate the equipment or disrupt your party!

Your HVAC is an integral component of the way in which your home operates, and how you, your family, and friends enjoy it.

Whether if it’s for a Halloween party or simply for a yearly maintenance routine, consult your local HVAC contractor today to ensure your home is in tip-top shape!