Why to Grow Hydroponic Food in Your Home

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As it becomes more and more evident that our society’s food supply is built upon the weak foundation of factory farming and questionable practices undertaken by farmers every year, many people feel more and more reluctant to consume vegetables and fruit that they have bought in a store. If you have felt the same way, you are not alone. Did you know that there is another option available to you that can make it possible for you to grow your own food at home?

What is a Hydroponic Garden?

Even if you live in a small apartment, you can grow your own food at home with the help of a hydroponic garden. These clever systems are sold as kits, which can be purchased online or through a local supplier. The systems use water, clay balls or even the air to provide the right environment and nutrients to start a garden.

A really good hydroponic system will allow moisture to be drained off the plants and will also make it possible to provide nutrient liquid to the plants to feed them. A hydroponic grow tent, which is a clever zippered room you can grow your plants in, can also help to keep your garden at the perfect temperature for maximum yield.

What Can a Hydroponic Garden do for me?

The best part about a hydroponic garden is that you can grow food inside your home that you know is safe to eat and is also gentle to the environment. Your hydroponic garden uses less water than traditional farming and you will never have to worry about pesticides on your food again! You can grow things like tomatoes, green beans, squash, broccoli, herbs and many other fruits and vegetables with your hydroponic garden.

Can I Build My Own System?

The answer is yes, and there are lots of great guides out there to get you started. It is always good to consider what plants you will want to grow since some plants will need more space than others. There are lots of ways to set up a system, including an Ebb and Flow system, which uses a pump and a reservoir to feed and water the plants in trays and also the Nutrient Film System which uses pumps and a reservoir too, but also aerates the growing medium.

Want to Try it?

Don’t let the fact that you don’t know anyone who is farming through hydroponics stop you! It is surprisingly easy to set up your hydroponic garden once you have some basic information related to your amount of available space and the plants that you want to raise. Imagine your excitement when you are able to eat your first hydroponically grown produce! This article is about hydroponics for beginners and can help you to get started! 

Photo by Jatuphon Buraphon from Pexels