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Personal improvement industry now attracting a new generation

Personal improvement industry now attracting a new generation

Published by Programme B

Back when big-box bookstores dotted the landscape in every city, town, and suburb, you could walk into one and browse massive sections dedicated to personal development texts. It was usually one of the largest and most popular sections in every store, filled to brimming with volumes by Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, and many other self-help gurus.

Personal development has long been a thriving field. The website says it’s a $10 billion-dollar-a-year industry

The industry is changing, though, as millennials are looking toward the Internet for advice rather than seeking out the printed materials from which their baby boomer parents once gleaned self-improvement advice and information.

You can still download the same books to your iPad or Kindle, but today there are also myriad other alternatives, many of them available on your computer or mobile device. Also,  there are numerous live opportunities for undergoing personal development in a class setting. And millennials are taking advantage

“Unlike previous generations, millennials are faced with unique social and economic pressures that impact personal growth,” writes life coach Matthew Jones. “There is no single blueprint for success, happiness, and a stable career, and the old mentalities of Gen Xers no longer apply.”

Here are 3 personal development courses that are worth considering.

Landmark Forum

Established in 1991 and headquartered in San Francisco, the Landmark Forum is a global movement that offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs. It is rooted in the teachings of Werner Erhard, whose EST training was highly popular during the 1970s, and takes place over three consecutive days and one evening, providing participants with an experience that is grounded in a model of “transformative learning”: a way of learning that gives people an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think and act.

That awareness leads to a fundamental shift that helps people better understand the possibilities available to them, and enables them to think and act beyond existing views and limits in their personal and professional lives as well as relationships. Landmark Forum reviews are excellent and are attributed to many past attendees of the forum.

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie programs and classes are available nearly everywhere and are a favorite of business professionals the world over. Taking their inspiration from the early-20th-century author and speaker who wrote such books as “How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie courses teach participants how to develop such life skills as forming closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect and developing the confidence and competence needed to interact with others.

Although Carnegie’s popular messages are time-tested, you might be tempted to think that what was new and innovative in his writings back in the 20th century has since been superseded by newer, cooler models. That’s not necessarily so. In fact, the Carnegie organization now offers courses that teach participants how to retain millennials in their organizations and how to communicate with them more effectively.


Ultimate Edge

Ultimate Edge is one of Tony Robbin’s most popular courses in personal transformation and its teachings can be revisited many times throughout your life.  The course is available in digital format and gives course takers access to lessons from a mobile app. You can even listen to Robbin’s teachings while you are driving to work, which makes the program convenient to busy millennials.  

Ultimate Edge is broken into three sections which can be broken into days or weeks:

  1. Inner Strength
  2. Unlock Your Personal Power
  3. Get The Edge

Tony Robbins designed the program to help people to learn how to overcome life’s obstacles and to take charge of their inner dialog.  It also gives people the tools and strategies to improve their health, master their finances and deepen their relationships. 

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