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The Future Of Online Gambling: Main Trends & Forecasts

The Future Of Online Gambling: Main Trends & Forecasts

Published by Programme B

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about gambling? While some of you may still imagine luxury hotels and land-based casinos somewhere in Las Vegas, more and more players move online. Modern gambling sites have lots of benefits: from lower costs to outstanding bonuses. You can literally play anytime and anywhere you are!

The online gambling industry is predicted to be worth almost $95 billion by 2024, which means that more and more technologies will be introduced in the nearest future to help online casinos stand the competition. So what are the main forecasts and trends of the industry? Is it already possible playing live casino roulette with the top-notch HD streaming from a real gambling venue? Let’s find it out!

Mobile Gambling

The age of an average online casino player is decreasing, so most platforms prefer going mobile. The statistic shows that only companies, which have devoted smartphone applications or a browser version are able to survive the competition. Players value their time and are no longer satisfied with the need of staying at home to play pokies or table games. They want to be flexible.

The next stage is implementing wearable devices like Apple Watch. Really soon we’ll be able to make bets using our watch without a need to use a smartphone! The process is simple and convenient: you’ll access favorite games anywhere you are.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Probably the most anticipated and popular trend of the online gambling industry is Virtual Reality. Who can resist the temptation of moving from your house anywhere you want? And even though VR and AR are mostly applied to video games, it’s a matter of months until this feature will be added to online gambling.

These technologies will take casino games to a completely new level and you’ll be able to face dealers, place real bets, and even feel the atmosphere of a real casino not leaving your home. Just imagine: you can place a bet in a Las Vegas casino and in a matter of minutes end up in a Mexican gambling venue!

Experts say that virtual and augmented realities are the technologies, which will put an end to land-based casinos. Most of the casino players are 18-36 years old and they are constantly looking for new features and technologies to emerge.  So if you want to stay afloat when launching an online casino or simply to get the maximum out of the game, choosing a platform with virtual or augmented reality is a must.

Cryptocurrency as a new payment method

Who would have thought that blockchain technology could add multiple advantages to online gambling? Such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin allow making safe and fast transactions, which is especially important for online gambling that is filled with scammers.

Casino providers also benefit from crypto because no third parties are involved and the transactions are transparent. Crypto is a digital currency that is not regulated by governments, which makes Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, and other coins a perfect option for online casinos.

When choosing crypto as a payment method, you contribute to the web site’s safety and don’t have to share private or bank information. And to attract more players, bitcoin online casinos have welcome packages and generous offers for those, who choose crypto as a payment method. 


For several years esports has been gaining worldwide popularity and occupying firm positions in the global arena. The most popular games are Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Dota 2, and League of Legends, which have millions of fans worldwide.

Now you not only can play these games but also win cash prizes and participate in tournaments. Online casinos decided to follow the trend and add esports championships to their catalog so that fans can make bets and become a part of the process.

What the future holds of us

Literally every day new technologies emerge, so it becomes challenging to give the forecasts and follow the trends of online gambling. But one thing is as clear as day: virtual casinos will do everything possible to stand the competition and attract more gamblers. This also means that land-based venues will gradually disappear giving way to online casinos.