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Top Chef Richard Blais Shows You How To Make The Best Chicken Tikka At Home

Top Chef Richard Blais Shows You How To Make The Best Chicken Tikka At Home

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Complicated ingredient lists. Laborious techniques. Exotic cooking equipment. Have you ever looked at the recipe for a delicious South Asian dish like chicken tikka and then decided to order takeout instead?

You’re not alone. You probably don’t have a tandoor in your home and you might not have a lot of experience using spices like cardamom or turmeric.

But South Asian cooking doesn’t need to be intimidating. Shan Foods’ BBQ cooking sauces are here to help by making restaurant-quality Indian and Pakistani cooking approachable for home chefs.

Take chef Richard Blais, for example. Though he is obviously not an amateur in the world of cooking (he owns his own restaurants and won Top Chef: All-Stars) he still struggles when it comes to balancing spices in South Asian cooking.

“I am not a master of these Indian spices so I love to use a product like this as I’m learning about a new cuisine,” says chef Blais while using Shan Foods’ cooking and simmer sauces in a video on his Instagram. “You can tell the balance is there.”

“As these spice blends require a lot of experience and nuance, I’m going to let Shan Foods do most of the heavy lifting…”

The key to a tasty chicken tikka? Choosing the right marinade. Chef Blais marinates his chicken in Shan Foods’ Chicken Tikka Cooking Sauce for a few hours (or even overnight) before cooking. This helps tenderize the chicken, deepens the flavor, and dyes it a beautiful golden red color.

Watch Blais marinate his chicken in Shan Foods’ cooking and simmer sauces and cook in his backyard.

“You can see that brilliant color in there,” says chef Blais.

Though traditional chicken tikka recipes call for a tandoor oven, which cooks the chicken at a high temperature and imparts it with a unique charred flavor, it’s not absolutely necessary. After marinating your chicken, all you really need to do is put it on a skewer and cook it over low heat in a charcoal or gas grill.

Grill evenly on each side until the chicken is cooked and tender. Before removing from the grill, brush the chicken with butter to make it even more irresistible.

Now it’s time for plating: Serve the chicken hot with a side of green salad, sliced onion, tomatoes and Shan Foods’ Tamarind, BBQ or Green Chutney.

That’s it! Perfect chicken tikka every time when you use the perfect chicken tikka sauce.

Whether you’re trying out a new exotic recipe or attempting to capture the flavours of home, Shan Foods’ Chicken Tikka Cooking Sauce offers a flavourful shortcut to the authentic tastes of South Asia.