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10 Reasons We Should All Be Living More Sustainably

10 Reasons We Should All Be Living More Sustainably

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

People have busy lives and may not realize how their lifestyle choices impact the planet. However, living more eco-friendly is key to protecting the environment and future generations. Simple steps like saving energy and using less plastic can go a long way. Here are some other reasons you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  

1.  It Leads to Cleaner Air 

One of the ways to live more sustainably is by reducing your carbon footprint. In 2019, the global average level of atmospheric carbon dioxide was 409.8 parts per million. To reduce carbon emissions, use renewable energy sources and limit your gas consumption. 


With less carbon in the air, it lowers air pollution. Long-term pollution can lead to heart or respiratory issues. So, by living more sustainably we can make the air we breathe safer. 

2.  It Protects Our Natural Resources

Certain resources, such as oil and natural gas, are limited. However, we use these sources to power our homes. Heating and cooling systems are one of the main sources of energy consumption. Natural gas is used to heat 42% of residences. Switching to renewable sources, like solar or wind, can reduce this percentage. 

We also want to conserve other resources, like water and food. Taking shorter showers or upgrading to energy-efficient appliances can help with this.  Conserving our natural resources ensures the next generation has what they need. It also allows us to meet current demands. 

3.  It Can Improve Your Health

Living a sustainable lifestyle can keep you healthier. By reducing the number of toxins you put into the air, it protects you from illness. Also, when you make sustainable eating choices it can improve your health. 

Consuming less meat helps the environment and is good for you. The production and transportation of beef can emit greenhouse gases. Also, meat contains saturated fats which can increase your risk of heart disease. Seafood is an excellent alternative option full of micronutrients, such as Omega-3. 

Along with healthy eating habits, this type of lifestyle can improve your fitness. Since driving causes greenhouse gas emissions, walking is a greener choice. Getting more exercise is key to improving muscle strength and boosting your endurance. 

4.  It Creates Growth Opportunities 

Maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle can save businesses money. It also allows them to hire more employees. With energy-efficient devices and renewable sources, owners’ can lower their monthly utility bills. 

Going green can also increase a company’s reputation. In fact, 87% of retail consumers would buy a product if a company advocated for an issue they care about. Also, as the population grows, having natural resources helps support a thriving community. Plus, investing in these sources creates more job opportunities.  

5.  It Can Reduce the Impact of Climate Change 

By reducing our greenhouse emissions, we can help to slow down climate change. The rising sea levels and intense heat waves are key indicators of climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts an increase in temperature of 2.5 to 10℉ over the next century. 

To create change on a larger scale, write letters to your local government. This may help to influence key policies that impact the environment. 

6. It Supports Economic Progress

Adding renewable energy sources can help the economy to grow. It lowers costs and can create jobs. Also, maintaining our limited resources causes companies to brainstorm more creative solutions. This can, in turn, expand career opportunities and increase wages. 

Plus, when companies use sustainable practices, they can attract new consumers. This can help businesses to stay competitive. To go green, companies can buy materials from eco-friendly vendors. Another way is to have utility providers conduct an energy audit to see where you can conserve power. 

7. It Maintains Earth’s Natural Beauty

When we cut down trees and cover the air with smog, we reduce the number of beautiful landscapes. For those into hiking and photography, this makes it harder to explore Earth’s natural beauty. Many people also enjoy working and living near green spaces. In fact, the average housing prices are 5%-18% higher for properties closer to trees. 

Also, the trees provide both a scenic view and the oxygen we need to breathe. They even help to cool the air and prevent flooding and soil erosion. 

8. It Can Save Wildlife 

Living a suitable lifestyle can protect more than just human life. When we pollute our oceans, it can negatively impact marine life. For example, we use over 380 million tons of plastic each year. It can end up in the oceans and cause sea creatures to become entangled. Switching to reusable water bottles can help with this issue.

9. It Can Increase Tourism

Many places use tourism to help support economic expansion. The money can allow them to build new infrastructure or invest in modern technology. Tourism is also a great way to learn about a new culture from the visitors. However, tourists often want to see forests and oceans. So, if we don’t protect our planet, these beautiful sights may diminish. 

10. It Can Sustain Our Food Supply

Many areas depend on food from the forest to survive. Although, 15.3 billion trees are chopped down a year. This is why forest conservation is critical. Planting a tree for  Arbor Day is an excellent first step. 

Importance of Living Sustainability 

There are so many ways you can help the planet, such as conserving energy. Living a more sustainable lifestyle can also set up the next generation for success. So, consider these reasons why you should be more eco-friendly and start going green today!

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels