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6 ways to be a good straight person at a gay pride party

6 ways to be a good straight person at a gay pride party

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We live in a time of accelerated change, where more and more people are openly joining the fight for equal rights for those who make up the LGBT community. In recent years, we’ve seen some positive changes like gay marriage approvals and Lgbt Flag Wholesale stores, but there is still a long way to go.

The fight of the LGBT community is not only theirs, the heterosexual community must also deposit its grain of sand, and to do it in a more conscious and effective way, it is important that it understands a little more the life in as a homosexual.

Ready to open your mind and celebrate diversity responsibly?

  1. We need to understand the real meaning of Gay Pride.

The Gay Pride event is not just a celebration, it is also a form of protest that has a deep history. First, Gay Pride is reborn in the streets to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, a protest against police forces criminalizing LGBT identities. And each march is organized to denounce the conflicts and the difficulties of living in a homophobic society.

  1. Need to respect the concept of “open and proud”

Walking with Gay Pride is walking with a crowd of people proud of their existence and their sexuality, who will not be ashamed to show themselves as they are. Same-gender displays of affection won’t wait, there will be color everywhere, clothes will be flashy and daring, and sparkle will certainly not be lacking, both in men and in women. So feeling uncomfortable in this free environment is not a real option.

  1. Know your privileges.

As allies of heterosexual Gay Pride, we need to recognize that by doing this we have privileges that the LGBT community does not enjoy, so we need to be more aware of their barriers and their suffering. From their perspective, many heterosexual people don’t have to worry about their safety, whether they hold their partner’s hand in public or flaunt their gender.

  1. You must learn to deal with hate.

While the Gay Pride event is massive and full of fanfare, it can also make people feel hated and misunderstood by groups and individuals who oppose this reality. To participate in Gay Pride as a heterosexual ally, you must recognize these signs of misunderstanding, and know how to deal with them. Part of recognizing your heterosexual privileges also helps to do good in this case. Thus recognizing your obligation to confront the aggressor and to defend the combatants.

  1. If you want to celebrate today, you have to do a good job every day.

There is no point joining Gay Pride and screaming from the rooftops for your unconditional support, if the next day you don’t continue to be a part of the fight and take meaningful action to improve the lives of your friends and others. of the LGBT community. Do you come to Pride, but then vote for people who are homophobic or transphobic, or who don’t support equality in their agendas?

  1. Appreciate the celebration, but recognize that it is not celebrating you.

It’s not that the LGBT community doesn’t want you to be a part of their fight and their party, but the point is that in doing so, you have to recognize that as a heterosexual within this epicenter, the Gay Pride is something much bigger than you. It is an event for them, to visibly celebrate individuality, freedom of gender and thought. Your job here will be to celebrate them, respect them and show solidarity for their work and for the obstacles they have to go through every day because they are themselves.

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Photo by Наталія Ворона from Pexels