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How to Compliment Women Online: Best Tips

How to Compliment Women Online: Best Tips

Published by Programme B

Have you ever felt a keen desire to say something nice to a girl, highlight a vivid feature of her appearance, admire her intelligence and skills, but could not find the right words, were afraid to offend her or look weird? One talks to women online without hesitation, others find it difficult. 

And instead of a pleasant compliment, you press your head into your shoulders and transfer the conversation to another topic, mentally scolding yourself for indecision. Compliments are a double-edged sword. Use them effectively and you can stop pointless chatter to forge deeper connections.  

Why is it so important to be able to give good compliments? 

  1. It shows your self-confidence.

Only a brave guy can sincerely tell a girl what he likes about her, especially if it’s really true. You are in a potentially vulnerable position, but ready to take risks and move forward. 

  1. You expressly declare your intentions.

Guys find it difficult to show their interest in a girl without looking like a pervert. A well-chosen compliment can turn companionship into playful sex. 

  1. You choose, not her.

Complimenting her about what really impressed you about her implies that you made her stand out from the crowd. In some ways she is better than others and it suits you. 

  1. You appreciate her personality, not just having a vagina.

You want to tell her about your sexual desire, but this can offend her, so breathe out and calmly evaluate her inner qualities and achievements. Thanks to sincere compliments, the girl will try even more to show those qualities that you like. Remember that no woman wants to feel like “a person in the crowd,” even if you have a fleeting relationship. Find in it some peculiarity, uniqueness, stand out from the crowd, and she will melt. 

4 tips to remember 

  1. Be concise.

Don’t explain what you mean. You’ve said a compliment – period. In this case, the fewer words, the better. And keep in mind that a casual but meaningful compliment works best. 

  1. Don’t exaggerate.

Is she really the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen? Most likely not. When you talk nonsense, you look like a hypocrite who is trying his best to impress her. Your compliments must be believable because they are real. 

  1. Be as specific as possible.

The phrase “you are beautiful” is universal and although it can sometimes work, it is usually not the best option. Listen carefully, observe her and be creative. Compliment her and say something that she most likely has never heard. 

  1. Use compliments sparingly.

One, maximum two compliments during communication (first meeting or date) is quite enough. If you say too much, then she will feel your despair, and your words will lose power. There are other situations when you do not say anything pleasant to her at all, this is also not the best option for developing a relationship. 

Examples of good compliments 

“You have very loyal friends, apparently, they have something to cherish.” 

“I love how excited you are when you talk about your profession/job/hobby, it’s very sexy.” 

“It’s nice to meet a girl with such strong family values. For me, too, my father is a role model, he is my hero ”(tell a little about yourself, be vulnerable). 

“You look fantastic in this dress, as if it was made specifically for you. It would be great to show it off in this new night club (playful challenge). 

“You walk like a supermodel, I am fascinated” (speak with a smirk, more sexy and assertive).


Photo by Ali Karimiboroujeni from Pexels