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Social Media Webinar for Magazine Media Pros – Dec. 18

Social Media Webinar for Magazine Media Pros – Dec. 18

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

min will host a December 18 webinar, “Friends, Followers, Fans and Communities: Crafting a Cohesive Strategy in the Age of Social Fragmentation of Magazines.” At this webinar, min will ask the social media strategists at both publishers and agencies how they’re managing the Great Social Fragmentation of 2013 and developing effective plans for 2014.

The headline for social media in 2013 has been the explosion of new networks and new models, which are grabbing serious mindshare among magazine audiences. When does covering all bump up against diluting the audience? As 2014 dawns, it’s a good time to take a serious new look at what’s working, and how leading media brands are adapting. Listen in as top publishers share how they’re finding their own brand loyalists, and where they’re looking for new ones.

min webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to deploy resources against a fragmenting social space.
  • The implications for established giants like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The latest and most promising engagement technologies.
  • How to find your existing audience on social networks and discover new potential users—and customers.
  • How to differentiate among the social networks and their benefits.
  • How publishers are measuring social performance, and how those tools do and don’t map to new platforms.
  • How they are crafting direct partnerships with the social networks.
  • What advertising looks like on emerging networks and what opportunities that will create for your brand.

More Information

December 18 webinar speakers include:

  • Aaron Carrera, Social Media Manager, Grind Media
  • Nika Vagner, Social Media Editor, Entertainment Weekly

Webinar attendees will be able to ask questions to the speakers via an online questions box. For more information, or to register for min’s social media webinar, visit