Why Publishers Need to Embrace Automated Ad Selling


We’re bullish on programmatic media buying. In fact we have been since we first got involved with programmatic buying back in 2008. We quickly realized how programmatic media buying was going to alter how all media was bought as well as how it was sold. It’s time publishers embrace programmatic in the same way.

Programmatic buying has already changed the publisher mix on most plans shifting budget from ad networks, but there are still big opportunities to shift even more budget for other inventory we categorize as “standard.” Pre-roll, display and a lot of mobile inventory should all be bought using automated methods through programmatic groups. But since a lot of this inventory is classified as ‘reserved’ and commands higher CPMs than are not typically found on the open exchanges, instead private marketplaces have to be constructed. These marketplaces protect the agency (questionable inventory) and publishers (around CPMs). In fact we’ve been working with our trading desk partner, Varick Media Management (VMM) to construct dozens of private marketplaces for Media Kitchen’s clients. Article continues at digiday.com