How to Make Your Ad Go Viral and Save $4 Million


It seems like every year at least one controversy erupts over an advertisement that is rejected for the Super Bowl.  But businesses have learned that you don’t have to even air your ad during the big game in order to get publicity.  The Web — with social media, shared videos and blogs — has become a channel in its own right to be leveraged, just in different ways.

With a Super Bowl commercial costing a cool $4 million, getting your ad rejected could give the publicity “hook” to make your ad go viral online.  For savvy smaller companies especially, that’s not exactly a bad result.  You save the $4 million that you don’t have to pay for air time.  Yet you still get visibility because EVERYONE wants to see that rejected ad.

This year the controversy centered around two different ads, one for SodaStream and one for Daniel Defense.  Article continues at