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Les FrancoFolies de Montréal : Indoor program of the 26th edition

Les FrancoFolies de Montréal : Indoor program of the 26th edition

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

To mark this 26th edition, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal presented by Bell in collaboration with Ford of Canada celebrate with an incredible indoor program: from A(lex Nevsky) to Z(az), Franco musical grammar has never sung so sweetly, offering shows for every taste and age group, from new discoveries to unprecedented creations and highly-anticipated return engagements. Whether it’s chanson, hip hop or punk, with a Québécois accent or one from afar, the Francophone world will make its voice(s) heard loud and clear from June 12 to 22!

Tribute to a pair of major icons to open and close the event 

What an event to open this 26th edition! The legendary Serge Fiori has returned with his first album in 28 years… but no accompanying concert. Well, the Francos can fix that, with a magical onstage recreation of the album called Fioritudes, featuring performances by artists including Antoine Gratton, Catherine Major, Alexandre Désilets, Marie-Pierre Arthur… An exclusive and utterly unique event. FioritudesJune 13, 8 p.m., Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, PdA (Les Grands spectacles Bell series).

To close the festivities, we’ll roll out another massive tribute, when Isabelle Boulayhonours the memory of Serge Reggiani, the irreplaceable singer and actor who passed away 10 years ago. With this live performance of an album due imminently, the Québécois star celebrates a man she considers a model and inspiration, recreating his timeless classics (L’Italien, Ma fille, Il suffirait de presque rien…). She’ll be accompanied by special guests, including Philippe B. Isabelle Boulay, Merci Serge Reggiani. Opening act: Viviane Audet June 21, 8 p.m., Théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA (Les Grands spectacles Bell series).

7 special indoor events 

Les Francos without special events simply wouldn’t be Les Francos! In addition to the opening and closing concerts, here’s an array of magical shows to amaze us all, from major visits to exclusive projects:

Stromae. Opening act: Karim Ouellet June 17 and 18, 8 p.m., Centre Bell (Les Grands spectacles Bell series) ― It’s a MASSIVE Francos coup! In 2011, Stromae had us all grooving to superhitAlors on danse; he’s back with Racine carrée, a 2nd album that’s sold over 2 million copies and features its own megahitsFormidable and Papaoutai—viewed 72 million and 135 million times, respectively, on YouTube! This time, the entire Centre Bell will be dancing to the iconoclastic Belgian star’s hip-hop-electro-chanson, and for two nights, not just one! Opening the evening, make way for our own local sensation, Karim Ouellet.

Pierre Lapointe, Live at Musée GrévinJune 20, 11 p.m., Musée Grévin — While still deeply involved in his Punkt tour, Pierre Lapointe saw fit to return to the Francos with a unique new show in an exceptional venue: the Musée Grévin! Only 250 lucky fans will have the opportunity to experience this never-before-seen concert… and our lips are sealed on all the details…

Ingrid St-Pierre and I Musici June 14, 8 p.m., Théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA (Les Grands spectacles Bell series) ― Little known by the greater public until quite recently, this singer-songwriter continues to progress apace. Next stop: Place des Arts, as a headliner, if you please, with the collaboration of I Musici. This charming artist—and spokeswoman of the 2014 Étoile montante Ford (Ford Rising Star contest)—brings us 2 premieres in a two-part show: first, solo piano, then a massive performance soaring with a sumptuous 15-piece string section!

Fontarabie. Opening act: Bernhari June 15, 8 p.m., Théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA (Les Grands spectacles Bell series) — The éminencegrise of Malajube—THE Québécois indie rock group of the past decade!—Julien Mineau took advantage of a 2013 sabbatical to launch a solo project named Fontarabie. And what a boffo success: in full command of his talents, the singer-guitarist-songwriter has created nothing less than a “psychedelic symphony”! The Francos are delighted to present it onstage for the first time, featuring a band of 20 musicians! First up, get ready for the suitably cinemascopic pop of Bernhari.

Prix de la chanson SOCAN Songwriting Prize — June 16, 7:30 p.m. L’Astral (Tout en chanson La Presse+ series) — Conceived to annually recognize the best independent music created by Canadian songwriters, the Prix de la chanson SOCAN Songwriting Prize returns to the Francos to present its finalists. This year, Philémon Cimon, Klô Pelgag, Patrice Michaud and Louis-Philippe Gingras will compete to reap the rewards, topped off by a $5000 prize. And fans get to vote!

The indoor program, series by series

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier or Théâtre Maisonneuve, PdA, and Centre Bell, 8 p.m.

Les Grands spectacles Bell series

presented in collaboration with La Presse+, 98,5 FM, Rouge 107,3 Montréal and MusiMax

Along with Stromae, Isabelle Boulay, Fioritudes, Fontarabie and Ingrid St-Pierre & I Musici, the Grands spectacles Bell series presents:

Valérie CarpentierJune 18, Théâtre Maisonneuve — The grand winner of La Voix, 2013 edition, has plunged head-first into a successful career! Less than a year after the release of a debut album, L’Été des orages, featuring songs written by Yann Perreau, Marie-Pierre Arthur and Ariane Moffatt, she’s already earned a gold record and her first headlining gig at the Francos, in Théâtre Maisonneuve s’ilvous plaît. Talk about coming in through the front door for your grand Montreal premiere!

Plaza Francia. Catherine Ringer (of Les Rita Mitsouko) sings Müller & Makaroff (of Gotan Project). Opening act: Monica Freire June 19, Théâtre Maisonneuve ― It’s an incredible trio of talent, featuring the singer of Rita Mitsouko, Catherine Ringer and two founding members of the famed Gotan Project, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H. Müller, in a suave and sexy Argentinean tête-à-tête. Plaza Francia (with a just-released debut album, A New Tango Song Book) ably demonstrates that organic tango and assured pop were made for one another. Our fave Brazilian, Monica Freire, opens with her charming world-pop confections.

Grand Corps Malade. Opening act: Queen Ka — June 20, Théâtre Maisonneuve — Grand Corps Malade and Québec remain in the embrace of a torrid, enduring love affair. Small wonder: this loveable artist casts a spell with words and stirs profound emotions with his hypersensitive songs. Back for the first time since a memorable performance in 2011, he presents Funambule, his 4th album, produced by trumpeter and composer Ibrahim Maalouf and featuring Francis Cabrel. The curtain rises to the regal flow of Queen Ka.

Métropolis, 9 p.m.

Les Nuits Ford series

presented in collaboration with ICI Musique CKOI 96,9 and MusiquePlus

Radio Radio. Opening act: Pierre Kwenders — June 13 — With their last album, Ej feel zoo, the born zanies of Radio Radio have unleashed the full party… And given they’ve been able to do that with just a swing of the hips in previous versions, we can scarce imagine what stratospheric festivities await us this time. It’s a jungle joyride unleashing our most primitive instincts. First up, Pierre Kwenders brings us world music revamped with electro/hip-hop grooves as heard on African Dream.

Ima. Opening act: Mathieu LippéJune 14 — Ima steps boldly into a new career phase with her latest Love-moi, featuring lyrics and music written with different collaborators. You’ll find a wide variety of sounds ranging from pop to jazz. The evening opens with storyteller, slammer and songwriter Mathieu Lippé, who’s polishing up an album for autumn release.

Zaz. Opening act: Benoît Paradis Trio June 17 ― From the very first listen, she’ll have you under her spell. And that enigmatic name… Zaz: like “Open Sesame” on a world of sound slipping through chanson, jazz, funk, blues and more… Two years after her most recent visit, the singer who has been compared to Piaf—ah, that voice…—is back to enthrall us with Recto verso, a new album that we love and can’t wait to hear live. The show opens with the Benoît Paradis trio and droll songs somewhere between jazz and cabaret.

Rachid Taha. Opening act: Yasmine Hamdan June 18 ― Four years after his last Métropolis soiree, this longtime (15 years!) Francos darling lands with a vibrant 9th album, Zoom, and a clutch of crazily varied styles, building a bridge between Elvis and Oum Kalsoum. Rachid at his toughest! He’ll be preceded by the Arab-infuenced pop of Lebanon’s Yasmine Hamdam, as heard in the latest Jim Jarmusch film.

Kery James. Opening act: Manu MilitariJune 19 — Twenty-five years into his career, armed pacifist and verbal combatant Kery James has earned his stripes with his rapierlike pen and barbed lyrics. In his first Francos visit, he’ll unveil a new album, Dernier MC, in an intimate venue… after having packed Bercy in Paris last November. First, rapper Manu Militari hits hard with tracks from Marée humaine, 2013 Félix winner for hip hop album of the year.

Les sœurs Boulaywith the participation of vocal ensemble Les Voix Ferrées. Opening act: Francis d’OctobreJune 20 — We all fell under the sway of their magnificent harmonies, their vibrant chemistry and a fabulous first album, Le poids des confettis. However, these two Gaspésienne sisters aren’t the sort to rest on their laurels: here they are with an unprecedented new show, accompanied by 2 musicians and the twentysomething male voices of vocal ensemble Les Voix Ferrées. To kick things off, we’ll enjoy the melodic, melancholy songs from Francis d’Octobre’s new album, Le commun des immortels.

Fauve. Opening act: François & the Atlas Mountains — June 21 — After igniting emotions at the Francos last summer and during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE this past winter, mysterious French groupFauve return to share their remarkable album Vieux frères, featuring spoken word lyrics that ring out like musical confessions. Expect epic intensity. The program opens with the grandiose pop of the aptly-named François & The Atlas Mountains, presenting the ravishing new album Piano ombre.

Club Soda, 7 p.m.

Tendances SiriusXM series

presented in collaboration with CKOI 96,9 and CIBL 101,5 Radio-Montréal

Koriass orchestral. Opening act: Set & Match June13 — The new prince of Québécois hip hop made his bones at the Montreal Hip Hop Awards, won the SOCAN ÉCHO Award and was also part of the Planète Québec initiative at the world famous SXSW festival. More ambitious than ever, the man behind 2011’s Petites Victoires returns with a concept show assembling a dozen musicians, including strings and brass! First up, the groovy good beats of French trio Set & Match.

Corneille. Opening act: Marco VolcyJune14 — Two years after winning kudos for his album Les Inséparables (a gold album), Corneille returns with a 6th solo effort, Entre Nord et Sud, an ambitious and personal album featuring collaborations with Kery James and Youssoupha and expressing the double culture of an artist born in Rwanda and raised on North American music. He’ll follow his own musical director, Marco Volcy, here with his very own new album, Chassez vos rêves.

Vincent Vallières. Opening act: David Marin — June15 — After rocking Métropolis with his new album, Fabriquer l’aube, Vincent Vallières rides into the Francos with a show directed by Brigitte Poupart, one that’s been hailed as the best of his career… Accompanied by André Papanicolaou, Michel-Olivier Gasse and Simon Blouin, the Sherbrooke native promises a solid evening of touching, incisive rockers and ballads. First, enjoy David Marin and his excellent 2nd album, Le choix de l’embarras.

Alex Nevsky. Opening act: Éléphant June17 ― Alex Nevsky scaled a personal summit in 2013 with Himalaya mon amour, a supremely catchy pop album—including the hit of 2013, On leur a fait croire, and Les coloriés—conceived with the help of jack-of-all-trades Alex McMahon. In his first Francos headline slot in 4 years, the singer-songwriter and his 4 musicians present a performance guaranteed to take us to the top. The evening opens with the sparkling pop of highly-anticipated French duo Éléphant.

Emilie Simon. Opening act: Jérôme Minière solo June18 ― Acclaimed in Europe, Japan and the U.S. and winner of several Victoire Awards in France, French multi-instrumentalist and singer Emilie Simon is a virtuoso of avant-garde pop. Returning to the Francos after 7 years, she unveils a 6th album, Mue, a luminous work showcasing her peerless melodic gifts. Just before Emilie, Jérôme Minière will perform solo with his machines.

La Rue Ketanou. Opening act: Lost Bayou Ramblers June19 ― Veteran party-launchers, the boys of La Rue Ketanou work your hips and brain in equal measure. Formerly in the world of theatre, Florent Vintrignier, Olivier Leite and Mourad Musset whip up a sound that whisks the spectator away on a whirlwind of folk and bohemian chanson. In their maiden Francos voyage, they bring us a vibrant summary of a 15-year career, including the newest one, Allons voir. Things get going with the contagious Cajun hotsauce of Louisiana’s Lost Bayou Ramblers.

Dead Obies. Opening act: K6A — June20 — Leaders of the pack on Montreal’s young hip hop scene, Dead Obies shifted from “emerging” to “dominant” last year with their debut, Montréal $ud. With cutting-edge franglais lyrics, wicked, rebellious flow and fiery beats, D.O. have got it all going on! First, colourful Montreal crew K6A showcases the talents of Jam & PDox, KenLo and Maybe Watson.

Les Hay Babies. Opening act: Philippe BrachJune21 — This young indie folk trio made a splash last year with their debut mini-album, Folio, unveiling an outspokenness worthy of compatriot Lisa LeBlanc and musical DNA shared with Les sœurs Boulay. Winners of Les Francouvertes in 2013 and multiple winners at the Festival Vue sur la relève, these New Brunswick natives present a new album, Mon Homesick Heart. Before that, Philippe Brach, discovered during the 2012 Ford Rising Star contest, unfurls his debut album, La foire et l’ordre.

L’Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan), 7:30 p.m.

Tout en chanson La Presse+ series

École nationale de la chansonJune 13 After a year of exploration and discovery, of doubts and joys, work and play, 12 artists present the fruits of their passion: Thomas Argouin, Rebecca Leclerc, Sandy Grenier, Jonathan Harnois, Kyra Shaughnessy, Véronique Bilodeau, Charlène Blanchette, Catherine Brunet, Dominique Breault, Marie-Claudel Chénard, Alexandre Gendron, Pierre Guitard. Luc De Larochellière, who taught at the school, will be on hand to help electrify the proceedings. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the École nationalede chanson!

Autour de Lucie | Les Innocents. Double bill June 14 — Time for a happy reunion! Fifteen years after their last album, Les Innocents—Jean-Christophe Urbain and Jipé Nataf—pick up where they left off, reviving a repertoire that left an indelible impression on French pop (Jodie, Colore, L’autre Finistère…). And the love affair with France circa 1990-2000 continues: trio Autour de Lucie returns after a decade’s absence.

Danakil. Opening act: Deya June 15 ― For the past 15 years, these musicians from the Paris region have been the very embodiment of French reggae. Their membership―roots in Senegal, the U.S. and Jamaica―gives them an international passport, and their bold cover of The Fool on the Hill by The Beatles makes them galactic. They’ll deliver their new album, Entre les lignes, with all the passion we adore. The curtain rises on local collective Deya and the harmonious blends of their latest, Notre histoire.

La Tournée des Francos with Patrice Michaud, La Maison Tellier and Benjamin SchoosJune 17 — Three artists from three countries perform in the three cities that host the three Francos: it’s La Tournée des Francos! This year, it’s three versions of manly pop-rock: the passionate Americana version from Patrice Michaud (Québec), country-blues from Far West France from La Maison Tellier (France) and the orchestral pop version with Benjamin Schoos (Belgium).

Québec Gold June 18 — In the wake of the compilation project of the same name courtesy of HHQC, which assembled a handful of rap names worthy of discovery, the Québec Gold evening brings forth a representative sample of the local scene. The marquee already includes Koriass, Sans Pression, Webster, Karma Atchykah, Cobna, Mauvais Acte, Facekché, Farfadet, Ruffneck, Chub-e Pelletier, Dirty Taz, Bobby One, Confus, Le Chum, Disstrick 11, Shash’U and others. Québécois hip hop is clearly ready for primetime!

Jason Bajada| Sally Folk. Double bill June 19 — Welcome a pair of Montrealers who turned to the language of Molière after making their debuts in English: Jason Bajada, whose Le Résultat de mes bêtises is the product of a pop troubadour in full command of his artistic voice, as literary as it is melodic, and the passionate Sally Folk, whose impudent voice and dynamic charm power the glamourous cabaret of Americana.

Philémon Cimon. Opening act: GrenadineJune 20 — After the critically-acclaimed Sessions cubaines, singer-guitarist Philémon Bergeron-Langlois, alias Philémon Cimon, alias Philémon Chante, released L’été in mid-winter, a 2nd album coproduced by Philippe B. It’s a luminous, colourful recording, guaranteed to warm hearts and lift spirits. Opening the evening, it’s the sunny, zesty pop of sparkling Grenadine.

Michel Faubert | Tire le coyote. Double bill June 21 ― Indefatigable storyteller, songwriter, Charbonnier del’enfer and Homme rapaillé Michel Faubert brings us his excellent new album, Maudite mémoire, in his first headline Francos show since 2007—with Dominique Lanoie and André Marchand accompanying. To complete this deluxe double bill, Tire le coyote prowls in with his inimitable voice and fine folk melodies.

Gesù — Centre de créativité, 8:30 p.m.

L’envol Air Transat series

presented in collaboration with 98,5 FM and ICI Musique

Monogrenade. Opening act: Peau June 13 ― Instantly lauded to the skies in 2011 with the release of their debut Tantale, Québécois group Monogrenade consolidate their reputation with an adroitly orchestrated and impeccably produced sophomore release: Composite is indie rock co-fueled by space rock and chamber music. First up, enjoy the enveloping electro-pop of France’s Peau.

Diane Tell: À cordesperdues !with Vincent Réhel. Opening act: Audrey EmeryJune 14 — Two years after rocking the Place des Festivals, Diane Tell shifts gears with an intimate Montreal premiere featuring a string quartet, pianist Vincent Réhel… and songs from her 2 most recent albums, Une and Passé simple — Best of plus inédits. The curtain goes up on a very promising new voice on the Franco musical landscape: Audrey Emery, whose mini-album released in January, La Couleur des jours, reveals a sensual soul and a gentle groove.

Renée Martel, La fille de son père. Opening act: Chantal Archambault June 15 — With a career stretching back almost six decades, Renée Martel transcends and unites all generations with her heartfelt music and emotionally charged voice. On the heels of La fille de son père, dedicated to her illustrious father, Marcel, and his repertoire, the “Queen of country” rides into the Gesù with an acoustic trio. A rare pleasure! Things get underway with the country-folk of Abitibi native Chantal Archambault, presenting her new EP, L’amour ou la soif.

Salomé Leclerc. Opening act: Gael Faure June 17 — Salomé Leclerc leans in with the songs of 27 foisl’aurore, a 2nd album ranked among the most eagerly-awaited release of 2014. Produced by Philippe B, the éminence grise of Québécois pop, it showcases the elegant writing and unique melodic talent of the artist who opened for Pascal Obispo in the Olympia in Paris last year. First up, make way for talented French songbird Gael Faure.

Keith Kouna duos. Opening act: BarcellaJune 18 — The utterly unique Keith Kouna never backs down from a musical exploration or challenge: after Voyage d’hiver, an eccentric revisiting of the works of Schubert, he now invites us to a two-part piano-vocal concert: first, a duo with French pianist Lucas Lemauff, with whom he toured France for six months, followed by a second duo with Québécois pianist Vincent Gagnon. Before that, we’ll plunge into the joyously off-the wall musical world of Barcella, for whom Kouna opens when touring France! A vice-versa evening…

Philippe B. Opening act: Safia Nolin June 19 ― Back at the aux Francos after his superb Variations fantômes with Quatuor Molinari two years ago, busy Philippe B (producer of Groenland and Isabelle Boulay, soundtracker for film Chasse au Godard d’Abbittibbi…) returns with the bounty of his most recent musical experiences, as heard on Ornithologie, la nuit. The evening opens with the intimate folk numbers of young singer-songwriter Safia Nolin.

Carmen Maria Vega, Fais-moi mal, Boris ! Opening act: Charles-Baptiste June 20 and 21 ― With her rock attitude very much intact, Carmen Maria Vega interprets Boris Vian with all the passion and feminine charm we love her for. Impertinent, feline, and freed of all constraints, she brings us a cinematographic concert powered by an exceptional artistic team ― her first-ever performance on a Montreal stage! We’ll kick it off with the supremely contagious pop songs of France’s Charles-Baptiste.

Les Katacombes, 11 p.m.

Les Folles nuits series (double bills)

presented in collaboration with CISM 89 and NIGHTLIFE.CA

Brutal Chérie|ParabellumJune 13 — It’s an explosive double bill starring two sterling rough-and-ready groups from either side of the Atlantic. On one hand, Montreal’s Brutal Chérie and their debut album of antic, melodic punk rock, Cours ou crève, co-produced by Guillaume Beauregard of Vulgaires Machins and named punk album of the year at GAMIQ 2013. On the other, French punk rock legends Parabellum — 30 years into their career — whose 9th album, A voté, bristles with virulent rock power.

Charlie Foxtrot | Tagada Jones June 14 ― First, Québécois rock combo Charlie Foxtrot, discovered last year during the Slam Disques evening, deliver their hard-hitting second punk-garage album, La mèche courte. Then, intrepid and incisive Breton foursome Tagada Jones bring over 20 years of absolute passion unmatched by any half-dozen younger bands, brilliantly asserting their status as a reference point on the hardcore scene.

Gazoline |MordicusJune 15 — Make way for two groups who share a passion for catchy, fiery rock’n’roll! First out of the gate, Gazoline ignites the tunes on a new self-titled album. Next, it’s the considerable bite of Saguenay band Mordicus, here with the aptly-named new album Cri Primal, fueled by ’60s Anglo-Saxon rock and Britpop.

Jjanice+ | Sans Pression June 17 — Singer-poet Jjanice+ has a literary sensibility perfectly suited to his melodic phrasing and blend of soul, ’60s pop and Afro-Caribbean music, making for a very catchy hybrid. Then, Québec rap godfather Sans Pression pours his eloquence—and wisdom—into a unifying music. One of the few Québécois hip hop artists to have sold over 50,000 albums in his career, he signifies with the excellent Vagabond ma religion!

Le Couleur | Moodoïd June 18 — Discovered at the Francos in 2011, Montreal band Le Couleur write intelligent and sexy Franco songs, with two-speed electronica arrangements that build a bridge between the ’60s and the future. For their part, Moodoïd have been hailed by some as the best young group in France—thanks to their take on classic psychedelia and tropicalismo fired by an absolutely contemporary energy, as heard in brilliant single Je suis la montagne. Take a return-trip through time!

Donzelle | Salut c’est cool June 20 ― Six years after her sole appearance at the Francos, eccentric electronica rapper Donzelle serves up deliciously libidinous couplets that tickle the eardrums and stir the senses. Then, French Internet sensation Salut c’est cool bring us four dudes who love cheapo Dadaist techno. Their weapons: off-the-wall (and very popular) videos and anti-hits like Je suis unepoule and La purée, a hip-hip-hip soundtrack for clued-in kids.

Les Indiens|Ponctuation June 21 — It’s an incredible double bill ready to rumble with Les Indiens hammering out stoner rock fused with psychedelia, and the trenchant garage rock of buddies Maxime and Guillaume Chiasson of Ponctuation. To spice it all up, the two groups will shake up their respective setlists and deliver their decibels in a monster jam. It’ll be called Indi-ation and it will rock like mad!

The above is a listing of all indoor programming for the 26th FrancoFolies de Montréal; the free outdoor shows will be announced May 27.

Who will be the new Ford Rising Star?

In its never-ending quest to discover the finest voices in Québec, the Ford Rising Star contest returns for a 3rd season with its fabulous new spokeswoman, Ingrid St-Pierre! Thanks to the FrancoFolies de Montréal in collaboration with Ford of Canada, the next generation of artists will once again have the opportunity to make themselves heard. Participating singers will perform onstage for a jury selected from the arts milieu. Four contestants will then perform on the Ford Stage during Les FrancoFolies de Montréal in June, with the winner taking home a $5000 prize offered by Ford!CKOI96,9 will also offer prizes to contest semi-finalists and finalists. Auditions will be held in Montreal (April 19 and May 3), Longueuil (May 18) and Québec (May 10). To register:

4th edition of the Rendez-vous Pros des Francos:
(net)working has never been this much fun!

As popular as ever, the Rendez-vous Pros des Francos are back for a 4th consecutive year. Aimed at the music and concert industries, the Rendez-vous welcome over 150 professionals (programmers, agents, managers, Quebec and foreign media…) over the course of an entire week. With the support of Musicaction, SACEM, SOCAN and SODEC, this event encourages exchanges between all the nations of the francophonie. This year, the Rendez-vous Pros will be held from Monday, June 16 to Friday, June 20 with a program featuring performances by up-and-coming talents, cocktails for accredited professionals and workshops on issues crucial to the industry.

Everything you need to know about the Francos

The free Official Pamphlet for the FrancoFolies contains all information concerning the 26th edition of the FrancoFolies de Montréal. It is available, starting today, from concert halls, most record stores and bookshops, public venues and major businesses in downtown Montreal and all Montreal tourist information centres. Outside of the metropolitan region, you can order a pamphlet by mail. All information is also available by calling the Info FrancosLa Presse+ line at 514 876-8989 or, toll-free, at 1 855-FRANCOS or by visiting Get the jump on the crowd by subscribing to the Spectra Newsletter (, and have all the news on this year’s FrancoFolies de Montréal shows delivered to your home.

It’s a date! The 26th edition of the FrancoFolies de Montréal will run from June 12 to June 22, 2014.

— 30 —

Public Information: Info‑Francos La Presse+ line—514 876‑8989 or toll-free 1 855-FRANCOS;

Tickets for these shows go on saleThursday, April 17 at noon… although Infolettre Spectra subscribers (subscription is free at can purchase themstarting tomorrow, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!