Public Transportation And the Jakarta Woman


As a newly minted journalist hailing from Bogor but living in Jakarta, I don’t exactly have regular hours during my workdays. I wake up around 8 a.m., wait around for news from my editor, take a shower, make breakfast, receive news from my editor, find out that the event I’m supposed to write on has already started, get changed haphazardly, rush out of the door and then wait for either the Kopaja, the Mikrolet, the bajaj or the taxi that I’m supposed to take to my destination. This time waiting is usually spent standing awkwardly next to a signpost while praying inwardly that none of the guys hanging around thewarung nearby would acknowledge my existence and that we could ignore each other’s existence in peace. Once I’m in my public transport of choice, I avoid eye contact with anyone in vicinity and just concentrate on spending the next 15-20 minutes in silence. By the time I reach my destination, I’m usually exhausted and technically my workday hasn’t even started yet. Article continues at