Launching of a new school of architecture in Lyon, France


The Confluence is a new alternative school based on architecture and research in Lyon, France : international, collaborative, a place for experimentation. The Confluence: an educational approach that is open, alternative, collaborative and innovative.
The Confluence proposes:
• To construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the intersection of disciplines,
• To cross prospective and experimental visions,
• To create an appetite for engagement,
• To generate unforeseen alternatives,
• To resist the uniformity of production and imposed standards,
• To question and go beyond the implicit limits of architecture in order to create unimaginable opportunities.

Anchored in the economy of the world, the Confluence is a site of synergies, a site of hybridization.
Architects, critics, artists, thinkers, philosophers, film-makers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers work together to share knowledge and discoveries. Without stylistic prejudice or ideology, a diversity of cultures, knowledge and practices makes it possible to develop ideas and projects in order to imagine all that is possible.
Intuition, analysis, confrontation, reaction, beginnings, destabilization, emulation, convergence – the Confluence.