TO - Digital Day


Monday, October 20th, 2014 | 8AM – 4:00PM
Digital marketing touches every aspect of day-to-day life.
Sheraton Hotel Center, Toronto

10 years ago, computers were on your desk.

Now, they're in your pocket, your watch, your eyes and your phone – even your fridge, car and appliances. You engage with brands digitally before you get up, before you go to bed, while you're cooking dinner and, in the middle of a movie. You're connected to work, your friends, your networks and your favourite brands in ways unheard of, even a few years ago.

In this "new normal", marketers have new opportunities and challenges to connect with consumers and an ever changing environment in which to do so. The ones who stand out create new experiences and disrupt the way you interact with your world.

Through presentations from industry experts, insights from leaders behind some of the biggest and most innovative digital brands and agencies, and case studies from around the world, we'll look at a number of hot topics – all with an eye on "future forward" marketing.

Digital Day will give you the insights and fearlessness to change how your organization manages its digital strategies, guiding you through the digital disruption by helping you to better understand the latest and greatest tools at your disposal.