Store mannequins deliver fashion promotions direct to shoppers’ mobiles


Consumers are by now well used to online shopping and its benefits, and parts of the platform are now seeping into physical stores. In France, we've already seen on store install theInspiration Corridor, using body scanning and touchscreen tech to drive in-store recommendations. Now a company called Iconeme is trialing a smart mannequin service in the UK, enabling the static models to send store info and shopping suggestions to customer smartphones.

The mannequins are equipped with VMBeacon technology, which enables them to interact with shoppers located within a vicinity of 50 meters so long as they've downloaded the Iconeme app. As they pass an in-store display or shop window, the mannequins can send a notification such as a welcome message or information about a particular new range or offer. Customers can then open the app to find out what the mannequin is wearing, with price details and how to locate it inside the store. They can even save the look to browse online later or share it with friends. Continues at