Girls/Boys on Film: emerging photography

Girls/Boys on Film: emerging photography

Managing Editor of Future Positive, freelance photographer and editor/founder of  photography magazine Girls/Boys on Film, Igor Termenón is a busy men but loving every second of it by embracing he's passion for photography. Interview with the editor of a great british magazine to discover.

Baron: Let’s do Girls/Boys on Film bio…
Igor Termenón : I founded Girls/Boys on Film in 2011 when I was studying my Masters Degree in Liverpool. Back then, I felt that I wasn't spending much time in my own photography work and I wanted to do something that would allow me to still be connected to photography.

I was interested in the idea of curating other people's photographs so I decided to contact a few photographers I knew through Facebook and asked them if they wanted to collaborate in the first issue. The first three issues of Girls/Boys on Film were digital and after seeing that people liked it, I started to offer print copies as well.

It's been over 3 years since I started the zine and during this time two books have also been released featuring the best images from all the past issues, the zine has become part of the MoMA's library archive and last year I launched a web version of the zine in the form of a blog.

Girls/Boys on Film: emerging photography

B.: How does that translate to an editorial policy?
I.T.:The concept behind Girls/Boys on Film is really simple: featuring portraits taken with film cameras by emerging photographers. I'm looking for a particular photography style, really relaxed and natural. Girls/Boys on Film is a collection of inspiring photographs that celebrate the analog medium.

B.: Good print mags get a lot of love, but this isn’t always reflected in sales. How are you doing, financially?
I.T.: Although I believe in digital, I still think that paper is more "real". There's so much content online that paper allows you to be selective and only put the best out there.

B.: What has been the readers’ response?
I.T.:It's been really good. Since the first issue, the magazine has received lots of support and positive comments. Some people have commented on the work that Girls/Boys on Film is doing to preserve film photography and others enjoy discovering new photographer in each issue.
Girls/Boys on Film is a publication that has grown thanks to the support of people through Facebook and other social media channels. Without the internet, it wouldn't have been possible.

Girls/Boys on Film: emerging photography

B.: Good print mags get a lot of love, but this isn’t always reflected in sales. How are you doing, financially?
I.T.:Girls/Boys on Film is a non-profit project. There is no advertising and the money I earn from it doesn't even cover all the expenses. I run this publication because I enjoy doing it and this should be the main approach when running this kind of projects.

B.: Are there future projects in the works?
I.T.: We're expanding the side project I work on, Future Positive, to feature different type of content. We're trying to build a resource website for entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration to start their own business.
Founder/Editor of Girls on Film
Managing Editor of Future