Top 10 kitchen design trends for your home


This year is definitely the year for your kitchen! Over the past years the trend of modernizing your kitchen to fit you lifestyle has been apparent with technology driven appliances and innovative surfaces and materials. This February I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry show (KBIS). Here are 10 wonderful highlights of the show and how your kitchen still rules the home.


1. Modern kitchen innovation that gives a hint of the past:

There has been a re-emergence in kitchen design to bring back the old world style of finishes and blend them with modern innovation. Modern countertops in granite, marble and solid surfacing can take on a vintage appeal with beveled edges and details that went away with handcrafted cabinetry years ago. Kitchen faucets that resemble ‘hand-forged sentiments of early 20th century metalworkers, Artesso™kitchen faucets blend traditional design with industrial chic inspiration’  was gorgeous to see from Brizo faucets. It was also nice to see kitchen manufacturers haven’t forgotten that historic details in the kitchen still have a place in our everyday homes. Continues at