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Designers and air travel

Designers and air travel

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

As design festival season goes into high gear and passeports are ready to be stamped for designers ready to showcase their latest creations made from different materials, concepts and savoir faire for buyers and journalists from around the world, one thing in common for all of them are the cost of air travel.

As fuel prices go down, we can assume that designers, buyers and media companies can finally be rewarded with lower ticket prices, right? Besides Air Transat that is offering competitive prices on tickets to such designer hubspots as London, other companies are pocketing the fuel price saving directly into their wallets (investors) and not their customers.

As customers pressure grows to lower airfares around the world and some companies are willingly not listening to complaints. We need to question this companies PR and marketing division in letting hundreds of thousands bad feed back in the social media taint their brand. Customers do remember such treatment when purchasing airfares in the future. The saving of couple of dollars now will be nothing compare to the money that will have to be spent in advertising to bring back lost and lukewarm customers.

Most designer are entrepreneurs and every dollar counts. This segment is very business savvy and with a strong business potential of growth for airline companies when they start enjoying international status.

Agenda: Europe

France – Habitat & Jardin : 10-13 of April

Italy – Salone Internazionale del Mobile : 14 – 19 of April

Lithuania – Inter DEco : 16-25 of April

Norway – Garden Show : 17-19 of April

Bulgaria – World of Furniture : 21-25 of April

Estonia – Interior : 24-26 of April

Austria – Küchenwohntrends and Möbel Austria : 6 – 8 of May

UK – Interiors UK : 17 – 19 of May

UK – May Design Series : 17 – 19 of May