MTL - Slaughterhouse


March 12th
L’Arsenal. 2020 William St. Montreal, QC H3J 1R8
5pm - free for everyone!

Presented in collaboration with the festival Art Souterrain, the Slaughterhouse is an event that aims to present and analyze art projects from and for emerging artists. Its particularity? Opening a free space for developing frank, concise and constructive exchanges between artists who are willing to confront their work to their coworkers and qualified audience. This exercise also seek to introduce the practices and concerns of up and coming artists to the public.

Eight emerging artists from different fields such as photography, installation, video art and performance have been selected for their singular artistic approach and their interest for l'Abattoir-Slaughterhouse. They have been paired together in order to be able to critique and be critiqued as well, without separating these two pratices.

The activity will be preceded by a networking activity where the artists will have the chance to meet people from various cultural organization that helps emerging artists.

Julie Laurin - Valérie Mercier
Anne Bertrand - Hugues Clément
Mathieu Grenier - Morgane Duchêne Ramsay
Tim Messeiller - Claire Burelli


- CIRCA Art Actuel
- le Cabinet
- Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec
- The Notman House
- Diversité artistique Montréal
- Arprim Art Imprimé
- Dare-Dare
- RIPA (Rencontre Interuniversitaire de Performance Actuelle)

The post-Slaughterhouse with the Notman House :
In the interests of pairing creativity with discernment, we’ve expanded the scope of our Slaughterhouse event to include members of Montreal’s diverse and prolific start-up community. In addition to hearing frank and honest critiques of finished work, artists will have the opportunity to participate in a round of conceptual speed-dating with tech experts to help them envision the wider (and wilder) potential of their projects while in exchange getting the opportunity to network and brainstorm alongside those with the technical know-how to realize some of their more abstract idea.

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