TO - The Sculpture Garden

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10 - March
190 Saint Helens Avenue - Toronto, Ontario

Within the cult video game Dark Souls is an area called Ash Lake. It’s only accessible through a hidden pathway inside a hollow tree. A considerable amount of time is needed to reach and explore it, which ultimately results in almost no rewards for the player. It’s the only area of the game that can be avoided entirely, with no repercussions. While the game’s in-world lore gives the player conflicting nuggets of information about Ash Lake, it is also known that the game was rushed towards the end of it’s development cycle, and half-finished ideas became dead ends, left in the game.

Seven artists’ works will be on display outside, as Winter becomes Spring, located in a walled lot behind Clint Roenisch Gallery, 190 Saint Helens Avenue.

March 10th - 30th
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12pm - 6pm
Enter through the alley just south of Daniel Faria Gallery.
*please honour & respect the garden*