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8 tips for making your house more design

8 tips for making your house more design

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

July 1st is behind us, and you managed to avoid relocating? Congratulations! Your thirst for change isn’t quenched yet and your vacations are coming up? Why not renovating key rooms like your kitchen or your bathroom? Here are 10 things worth thinking about for a clever house makeover. Before getting started with the heavy work, don’t forget to ask for kitchen renovation quote or bathroom renovation quote. It will save you many headaches at night.

08. Beautiful lighting
To change the mood of a room, nothing’s more efficient than changing the lighting. Many custom options are available to provide you with the best solutions. Two of Baron’s favourite are Montreal-based Lambert & fils, relocating soon their workshop and boutique to a bigger space. The other one is Deschênes custom lighting, responsible for the gorgeous cascade lighting at Arts Café on Fairmount.

Photo credit: Deschênes custom lighting facebook page

07. Industrial furniture
As your kitchen goes through a makeover, you want to make sure your new furniture will last. With this sturdy industrial shelf from Usine Nord (custom made), stay assured: your guests will be jealous and you’ll be able to fit in all you need.

Photo credit: Usine Nord facebook page

06. A nice kitchen island
Your kitchen is small and your table is always in the way? You don’t have enough prep space? The kitchen island is a essential since you can use it cooking, prep work, dining, and even some work or internet browsing at night!
Have a look at those 34 great ideas from Country living.

Photo credit: Country living

05. Turn wooden crates into furniture
The title says it all: from shelves to kitchen island (this one may be easier to make with pallet), wooden crates are cheap and lovely.

Photo credit: Nest

04. Changing your kitchen ware
This kitchenware from Art & Manufacture is delicate and poetic. The small Eastern Townships-based company will soon be collaborating with Quebec’s own Martha Stewart, Marilou from the famous Trois fois par jour website.

Photo credit: Art & Manufacture

03. Shower curtain
Give your bathroom a punch with one of Society6 shower curtains.

Gold shower curtain from Society6

02. Plants
You don’t have a green thumb but still would like to get some plants to enhance your room? Montreal-based Plantzy choose which plants will grow best in any given space. No worries, more plants!

01. Artwork on your walls
Art Bang Bang allows people to borrow or buy art from a wide selection of artists. The search engine let you choose, for any given price range, art that you can either borrow or buy. A great way to discover new local talents and embellish your room!

Art from Marianne Pon-Layus, available on Art Bang Bang