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15 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try right now

15 Canadian coffee roasters you need to try right now

Published by Marina Muroyama

Tired of your same old coffee routine? Want to bring your coffee game to the next level?
If you’re as picky as we are about coffee, these are the coffee roasters you need to start trying right now. And the bonus point? They’re all home-based here in Canada! If you’re even pickier about your precious morning coffee, you could event take a barista training course.

49th Parallel Coffee 

Highly praised by the coffee scene, many of the high profile cafés across Canada use 49th parallel’s coffee beans. Why? They have a wide selection of coffee beans and work directly with their farmers. If you prefer a dark roast coffee, be sure to check out their French Roast, it’s completely divine.

Detour Coffee
Detour Coffee is all about the quality, and they know well that quality coffee cannot be obtained without sustainable practices. They’re known for their work with smaller coffee farms and are also considered to be the greenest roaster in the market. They’re café located in Dundas, Ontario is a true gem to the locals.

Pilot Coffee Roasters
Founded by Andy and Jessie Wilkins, this Toronto based coffee roaster covers many things. High-quality coffee? Check. Direct-Trade? Check. Friendly baristas at their café? Check. What makes them even cooler is that they are devoted to educating their customers. Thanks to them, we can all finally be “real” coffee snobs.

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur
If you’ve ever visited Montreal, chances are that you tried out Saint・Henri’s coffee beans without even noticing it. It’s a local favorite and you can find their coffee in the 2 cafes they have in Montreal and in other popular cafes in the city. If you’re not sure what to try out, their “Colosseo” which they made as an homage to traditional Italian coffee. And the bonus point for buying their coffee beans? Their packaging is pretty!

Bean North Coffee Roasting Company
It would be a huge mistake to overlook the coffee roasters up north, and Bean North is certainly no exception. Founded in the Yukon territories, this company has 19 years of experience in the art of coffee roasting under their belt. What’s more, they are roasting certified Fair Trade coffee beans.

Social Coffee and Tea Companies
The name social coffee comes from the company’s concept that coffee should be served in a socially conscious way. If you haven’t tried out Social Coffee and Tea Company, definitely give it a go! This Ontario based coffee roaster has won in several coffee roasting competitions and their blends have been highly praised.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
Phil and Sebastian the founders of the highly respected coffee roaster in Alberta met in university as lab partners and bonded over their love for fine food, wine, and eventually espresso. And boy, are we glad that these two met. They have the perfect coffee beans to up your coffee game and try out different kinds of unique coffee beans and if you’re an espresso lover, even better.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters
For Vancouver based Matchstick Coffee Roasters, it’s all about care and attention. This coffee roaster that originally started as a café has now put that same work ethic into their coffee roasting as well. What makes them even cooler (if that’s even possible) is that they have a water program at their cafés. If you buy sparkling water at their cafés all the profits they make from this will go into a water charity.

Brûlerie Faro
The Brûlerie Faro is a Quebec based roasting house that first started serving outstanding coffee from 1982 and never looked back. And it’s obvious why they’re always at the top of their game. They never stop learning! They’re team members still participate in rigorous continuing education programs.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters
Founded in 1938, this coffee roaster has won the hearts of locals in Halifax for a long time. With 75 years of experience, they have a wide variety of coffee beans and can satisfy any kind of coffee snob. If you’re not sure what to try, check out their blends, and thank us later!

Transcend Coffee
Transcend Coffee has been an integral part of Edmonton’s Third Wave coffee movement, introducing locals that better-tasting coffee doesn’t come from coffee chain shops but from ethically sourced coffee. They take their coffee mastering pretty seriously and have roasted some coffees more than 50 ways just to figure out the perfect roast. Now, who wouldn’t want to try a coffee like that?

JJ Bean
Of course, a list of Canada’s best coffee roasters can’t be right without mentioning good old Vancouver favorite JJ Bean. They’ve been roasting coffee for four generations, and their motto: The best taste wins, pretty much sums up why they’ve been successful over the years. They focus on high-quality green coffee and roast only in small batches to ensure customers always get the best and the freshest coffee out there.

Black Pearl Coffee
What happens when a Manitoban lives in “America’s best city for coffee” aka Seattle for over 6 years and comes back? He starts making extraordinary coffee. They have a range of 20 different coffees that they get from South America, Asia, and Africa. If you’re a dark roast kind of person, definitely try out their house specialty “Black Pearl”!

Anchored Coffee
Anchored Coffee may still be the new kids in the coffee roasting industry in Nova Scotia, but it would be a huge mistake to overlook their coffee. They’ve already won the hearts of many established cafes in the major cities of Canada and with a good reason. Their coffee is transparently sourced and they make the best single-origin espressos.

If you have any plans going to Calgary, you definitely have to go to Analog Coffee, Fratello’s coffee shop that’s been constantly praised both in Canada and internationally. Fratello is a family-operated business that dates back all the way to 1974 and now the founder’s sons who’ve been raised on coffee have taken a modern approach and started producing high-end quality coffee. If you’re not sure what kind of coffee to get, just ask their friendly knowledgeable baristas!

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