Toronto Art Exhibitions February 5 to 12

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Every week, our recommendations on the art events, exhibitions and openings not to be missed in Toronto!

This event will explore the theme of “Black Like We” from music, dance, discussion for all ages! One of the highlight of the evet is a spoken word performance by Jalal Nuriddin, a founding member of the last poets.
Opening: February 5th 7:00PM
Event run: February 5th- February 7th
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Susanne Kriemann
This is a solo exhibition featuring a new body of work by German artist Susanne Kriemann.
Opening: February 4th 7:00PM
Exhibition run: February 4th- March 26th
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Material Girls
Material Girls, is a large-scale group that brings together Canadian and international emerging, midcareer and senior female artists from across artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds.
Opening: February 3rd 5:00PM
Exhibition run: February 3rd- April 9th
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This is a group exhibition of over 20 artists works that address environmental issues.
Opening: February 3rd
Reception: February 4th 8:00PM
Exhibition run: February 3rd-14th
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Leah Garnett: Wall String Stairs
This exhibition documents Garnett’s interest in constructions sites, in making spaces, and in the relationship between architecture and landscape.
Opening: February 4th
Exhibition run: February 3rd-27th
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Six by 6ix
This is an exhibition of 6 of Toronto’s most insta-famous photographers showcasing their city.
Opening: February 3rd 7:00PM
Exhibition run: February 3rd- 27th
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Amy Rogers
These constellations is an event where Amy Rogers explores her identity as a female.
Opening: February 3rd
Reception: February 4th 7:00PM
Exhibition run: February 3rd-February 28th
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“DUH” Artwork by Joe Frontel
'Duh' brings together a newer collection of artwork by American artist Joe Frontel.
Opening: February 4th
Reception: February 4th 7:00PM
Exhibition run: February 4th-February 16th
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Takane no Hana
The exhibition will present Japanese inspired contemporary paintings by Canadian artist Lauren Brevner.
Opening: February 4th
Reception: February 4th
Exhibition run: February 4th-Feburary 24th
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“This exhibition embeds a wide range of interests. Exploring subject matter of totally different take by each of five artists - Silvia Argiolas, Clara Bacou, Oscar Figueroa, Juan Carlos Noria, Bruce Eves.”
Opening: February 2nd
Reception: February 5th 4:00PM
Exhibition run: February 2nd-March 12th
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