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Ola Krupa, graphic designer at Blank Studio

Ola Krupa, graphic designer at Blank Studio

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Who are you : 

I’m a graphic designer based in Katowice (Poland). I earned master degree in Graphic Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice 4 years ago. Since than I have started working on my own and begin to specialize mostly in designing wayfinding systems, branding & editorial design. At the moment I work in a small design team – Blank Studio –

Your current job : 

As I mention – I work in a small design studio, which specialize mostly in signage & environmental design. It was established 2 years ago by my boyfriend, me and our friend. During this period of time we managed to prepare some huge wayfinding systems. The biggest one – the system in Silesian Museum in Katowice – was really a hard project. The new location of the Silesian Museum is one of the biggest museum investments in Poland.

The entire structure of the Silesian Museum buildings located on the territory of the former Katowice coal mine, coal mine, together with other institutions, both already located or still being set up, form a Cultural Zone. The main part of the architectural structure is a 7-storey building, from which 4 floors are below the ground level. All buildings are linked to each other below ground – so it will be really hard for the new visitor to find the way if there is no signage system. But as it appeared – the hard work paid off. The project earned several design prizes – for instance it is in a final round of A+ Architizer Awards with a chance to win a Jury Award!

In which city are you located? 

Katowice, Poland

A word to define what kind of worker you are : 

very, very organized (it’s essential when working on such a complicated structure like way finding)

What tools are essential to your life (app, software, etc..) 

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

What does your office space look like?

It may looks messy for those, who enter my place – but the truth is that it is a carefully laid system 🙂 I really don’t want to show it to the rest of the world – that’s why I will show you an outside view of my bureau. The surrounding is really healing.

What kind of music do you listen when you are working ? 

When I’m really focused on my work – I don’t really need to listen to music. I rather use it to relax. 

Do you have a way to organize your day to maximize your work ? 

Making a list! Crossing out each step is the best feeling ever 🙂

What tips would you give to improve productivity ? 

Try not to distract to multiply projects – just focus on one and go step by step.

You’re better than your colleagues to : 

I have really analitical brain. I like finding patterns in our projects – that’s why I’m good in designing pictograms.

What is the best advice anyone has given you ? 

Don’t be shy – you should show your work to everyone

What is your best tip for saving time ? 

Still – making a list!

What is your routine start and end of the day? 

Eating a good breakfast in the morning (never miss it!) and always read a couple of pages in the evening. That’s all.

Aside from your computer and your phone, what gadget can you not you go without? 

Paper diary. I’m a kind of person who didn’t lose a feeling to a good, old paper.