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“I’m addicted [to food]. No plan on quitting”. – Beaver Sheppard, Co/ntry

“I’m addicted [to food]. No plan on quitting”. – Beaver Sheppard, Co/ntry

Published by Maryse Boyce

What’s your relationship with food?

Beaver: I’m addicted. No plan on quitting.

What music are you listening to when cooking?

Beaver: Radio.

Dave: I like to listen to new age music when I cook.

What’s the first recipe that you’ve ever done?

Beaver: It was uh… microwaved hotdog. Gourmando. It’s a hotdog split in half, with cheese, microwaved, tomato, onion, relish, mustard, ketchup, shredded lettuce, BBQ sauce. Age 7.

Dave: I used to go to Ponderosa Steakhouse a lot with my family when I was a child. You’d get an all you can eat salad buffet with your meal. I would fill a plate with rigatoni, then cover it in nacho cheese sauce, then sprinkle on a very generous amount of goldfish crackers, bits and bites, and cheese nibs.

What are the ingredients you could not cook without?

Beaver: Salt and love

Dave: Saffron. Every morning I drink a Saffron smoothy before eating a bowl of saffron and cold pressing saffron flowers into an essential oil that I rub over my body throughout the day. It’s a $7000 a day habit, and I’m deeply in debt.

What do you like cooking the most for your friends or family?


What’s the worst meal you’ve ever been served?

Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, Texas. We spent $120 on 5lbs of meat. 1 lb of brisket, 1 pound of sausage, 1lb pork ribs, 1lb pulled pork. The pulled pork taste like it was boiled. The ribs had no bark. Not an inkling of bark. The sausages were unspiced in every shape and form. The turkey… was turkey; minus the smoke. The beef was tender and incredible but had no bark, once again. The Memphis sauce, though light, did nothing for the meat. The North Carolina vinegar sauce looked like it had depth, but just tasted like vinegar. The fig stout coffee sauce, after one taste, was poured on the grass. We ordered potato salad… it was dill pickle extreme, lacked any balance… we ate none of it. The power of marketing is what we learned.

Do you have special food requests for music promoters while on tour?

Yes. We request a traditional home cooked meal prepared by the show promoter’s family.

I’m coming to your place for dinner tonight. What are we gonna eat?

Arby’s. With foie gras poêlé.

What music will you put on?


If I invite you over for dinner, what should I cook to impress you?

Something you’ve made at least 10 times.


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