Lunch and Learn Session: LCA & Building Sustainability in a Changing Climate

Wednesday, May 2411:30 am - 1:00 pm
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The growing need to design our buildings and community infrastructure to be resilient in a future of more extreme weather (precipitation, flooding, wind and temperature stresses) poses a new challenge for architects already wrestling with the complexity of designing compelling, affordable and sustainable structures.

How should and how can climate resilience be valued in the built environment? Are today’s lifecycle costing and assessment (LCCA/LCA) tools robust enough to help optimize tradeoffs between economic, environmental and resilience-related risks?

Presented by Dr. Jeremy Gregory, Executive Director of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, this lunch & learn session will explore the role of LCCA/LCA in supporting better decision making in the built environment, and touch on how lifecycle approaches to cost, environment and disaster risk are driving material innovation in the concrete industry.