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Gambling: A History

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image - public domain

image - public domain

Gambling is a storied past-time of people from all across the globe. Spanning thousands of years and miles, gambling has played a surprising role in the sculpting and creating of the culture and nations that we know today. From the heroes to the villains, gambling has its own world, legends, and history.

Gambling, doesn’t have to be for money. You simply need to wager something of value against an outcome you aren’t certain of. The interesting thing about gambling is that it applies from prince to pauper, king to beggar, one is always likely to encounter a situation where they must take a gamble in one form or the other.

image - Gamblers in the Ship of Fools, 1494 - Public Domain

image - Gamblers in the Ship of Fools, 1494 - Public Domain

Mixed Feelings

Gambling is a word that carries a weight with it and many connotations today. Famously gambling has fallen in and out of favor for different countries and even religions. Countries and religions tend to change their mind on whether gambling should be practiced.

The majority of governing bodies take the consensus that it should be taxed and regulated, or taken advantage of. Some religions accept gambling, while others consider it something to be frowned upon. The Catholic Church, for example, states that gambling, so long as it is fair, is not immoral.

image -Pixabay

image -Pixabay

An Open Invitation

That’s right, you heard it here first. The freakin’ pope says that gambling is an okay with him, as long as you aren’t a cheater that is. So, if the pope can get on board with gambling what is stopping you?

Now more than ever it is a veritable paradise for those that enjoy gambling. Great sites like Wild Jack Casino En Ligne offer an easy to use and safe to pay platform that makes getting your gamble on easier than ever. It is no wonder that there has been an increase in gambling activity with such easy access and security.

image - Flickr

image - Flickr

Goes Way Back

The history of gambling is in itself a fascinating bit of entertainment. If you are passing time in-between games, tracing back early forms of gambling can teach you some interesting stuff. In Ancient China for instance, as early as 2300 BC, archaeologists unearthed a tiled board that looked to be used as a game of chance.

Romans were also infamous for their gambling habits. Gambling became so popular and prolific in Rome that games of dice were banned in the city. The punishment was a monetary penalty 4 times what the person caught was betting. This led to the creation of betting chips, which we still use today. Originally these chips were created to make it impossible for Rome authorities to determine the worth of a bet on the street.

Keepin’ It Cultured

Who knew that culture could be so cool right? There are many fascinating facts throughout history that have developed the culture we have today. Even better, there are great content pages that share stuff like this all the time. Learn cool tidbits, facts, and stories about the fascinating and expansive world all around you.