Charles Goldman: 4X4X4X4 | Donald Sultan: Dominoes

Birch Contemporary: 129 Tecumseth Street, Toronto,
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Opening: Thursday, June 15, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues to July 22, 2017

Based in Brooklyn, NY, artist Charles Goldman makes work that extends sculpture into painting, installation, performance, drawing, sound, photography and architecture.

His exhibition at Birch Contemporary, entitled 4X4X4X4, consists of 4 works from 4 concurrent and long-term series.

RE>CRETE>(Seated), is an edition of 4 RE>CRETE>* modules, seated atop 4 identical IKEA tables. The RE>CRETE> modules have no inside or outside, no top or bottom. They are both figure and ground, both subjective and objective.Distance Painting (Folded) is a transparent, double-sided 200 foot long painting, split in half, creating a layering of 4 - 50 foot long sections. The piece is created on ¾” Plexiglass and is free standing, held aloft by a piece of rough lumber. Moments are a series of intimately sized “fast paintings.” Created with the refuse of whatever else is being created in the studio, without much regard for intent or content, they are portraits of fleeting moments. The DWGS. are just that and, again, there are only 4 presented here (of, potentially, thousands.) The interconnectedness of these 4 bodies of work presents a focused picture of the various activities taking place within Goldman’s studio over the past couple of years. This will be Charles Goldman’s 4th exhibition with the gallery.

*RE>CRETE> is a custom designed, 95% recycled building material made from shredded newspaper and junk mail, ground up packing Styrofoam, home electronics wire, credit cards and CDs, salvaged house paint, old jeans, Portland cement and fly ash.

source: Birch Contemporary