The Bill Gates vegetarian burger is coming near you

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Just in time for Independence Day, burgers by Beyond Meat, the company that makes faux meat from plants, will be available at fast food chain BurgerFi starting July 3.


It will launch in eight of BurgerFi's 101 locations — Malibu, New York City, Poughkeepsie, NY; Philadelphia; Coral Springs, Florida; Coral Gables, Florida; and two stores in Delray Beach, Florida — according to The New York Times.

The California-based startup Beyond Meat is selling a burger — made mostly from pea protein, yeast extract, beet juice, and coconut oil — that looks and tastes similar to the real thing. The company has a long line of investors, including Bill Gates.

When I tried the Beyond Burger in May, it sizzled like beef and boasted the same texture as a normal burger. Compared to other store-bought veggie burgers, which usually taste more like cardboard than meat, the Beyond Burger was the best. However, it wouldn't fool me in a blind taste test with a regular burger. continues