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Wherever you go in the world, the same dilemma arises: city or beach? But when it comes to Australia, there’s no dilemma at all. Because the nation’s first city isn’t just a vibrant, diverse and culturally rich metropolis, it’s also home to some of the planet’s most beautiful coastline.


In many ways, Sydney seems to have it all. There are the glorious white sands of stunning beaches like Bondi and Manly. An incredibly diverse range of cuisine, from budget to high-end. A lively cafe culture and a busy bar scene. Clean streets. World-famous attractions such as the Opera House, the Harbour and the Olympic Park.

And that’s not to mention the endless places to shop and browse. An impressive range of museums and other centers of culture. And above all, thriving arts scene, from well-known institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art to an intriguing array of independent galleries. There’s so much on offer, in fact, that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to work out how to make the best of your time here. Continues at creativeboom.com