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Alvaro Prol, CEO of Blueprint

Alvaro Prol, CEO of Blueprint

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Who are you and what is your background?

I founded Blueprint in 1997 out of a passion for music. Over the years, that vision has evolved and helped change Vancouver’s “No Fun City” image into a diverse, vibrant, active scene. What started out as one show has grown to over 600 concerts and events per year. 

Blueprint has led more than 60 record-breaking arena and stadium events. 

Currently, we’re behind the biggest music festivals in Western Canada including sell-out festivals FVDED in the Park, CONTACT Winter Music Festival and Seasons Music and Art Festival, not to mention countless standalone concerts and events. 

Our success comes from Blueprint’s ability to provide audiences with exhilarating live music experiences and our knowledge of the business, coupled with the skills to see opportunities within it.

Your current job:

I am the CEO of Blueprint, along with the Festival Director and Lead Talent Buyer for FVDED in the Park, CONTACT Winter Music Festival, Seasons Music and Art Festival, amongst many others. 


Throughout the years, Blueprint has evolved from a small team throwing underground warehouse and nightclub parties to a full-fledged entertainment, lifestyle and event management company. We now count 38 people in the head office and produce over 600 nightclub shows a year. As previously mentioned, Blueprint is responsible for three of Western Canada’s biggest festivals – FVDED in the Park, CONTACT Winter Music Festival and the multimedia showcase, Seasons Music, and Art Festival. 

Blueprint also operates a portfolio of nightclubs including Celebrities, Fortune Sound Club, M.I.A., L.E.D. Bar, Caprice Nightclub, and Venue. 

Employing over 400 British Columbians and Albertans throughout the business, the company is known by many for our charitable backbone, donating over half a million dollars to local charities over the years. 

Personally, on a daily basis, I work on developing new opportunities and partnerships for the company within the entertainment industry, ensuring that we’re working with the right people to deliver the best products and most memorable experiences to our consumers while overseeing Blueprint’s ongoing operations. 

What are the stakes for your business?

We are currently ranked as one of the largest multiservice, entertainment and events management companies in British Columbia and Canada abroad. 

Our goal is to continue to seek out new opportunities for festivals and events while giving our audiences an unparalleled experience. 

Three tips for those who are thinking to start a music career?

– Stay dedicated to your craft – continue to focus your skills and have the grit to stick with it even though it won’t always be easy.

– Surround yourself with the right partners and talented people to help you further your goals.

– Stay true to your passions and the rewards will follow.