Heather Guibert, music supervisor at Francium Enterprises

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Who are you and what is your background?

I am a freelance Music Supervisor for a visual media based in Los Angeles. I graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Music Industry. Prior to going freelance, I spent 9 years on the team of Music Supervisors at Neophonic. To date, I’ve worked on over 600 episodes of television, over a dozen films, and several trailers, promos, games, and ads. I’m a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Women in Film and the Television Academy. I also teach a course on Music Supervision at Loyola Marymount University

Tell us more about your work as a Music Supervisor at Francium Enterprises:

Three years ago I went left Neophonic and created my own company, Francium Enterprises, to work as an independent/freelance Music Supervisor. 

The job entails developing and executing a project’s soundtrack from start to finish, including all creative, administrative, logistic and budgetary needs. This includes conversations with the content creators and producing studio, oversight and/or hiring of the music team, providing creative music concepts, managing any music related production needs, clearance and negotiation of music rights, and balancing the project’s music budget. 

I’ve been fortunate to work on some incredible projects over the years. My latest projects are HBO’s Veep, Netflix’s Lost In Space, Fox’s Rosewood, Freeform’s Stitchers and Open Face’s documentary film Spettacolo.

What are the stakes for your business?

One of the biggest challenges in the industry right now is the ever changing media landscape. My role involves working with both the Entertainment Industry (Film/TV) and the Music Industry, and both are very much in flux. There have been tremendous changes to technology and the distribution platforms for visual media and music. What you watch and listen to are becoming instantaneous and on demand. It’s imperative for me to stay on top of these changes as access and content are increasing seemingly exponentially. 

3 tips for those who are considering launching a music career:

1. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, no matter their job title. Today’s intern is tomorrow’s executive. 

2. The person who answers the phone is the gatekeeper. That’s who controls your fate, not the person in the corner office. 

3. Yes, music is art. But, music is also a business. Always have your business affairs in order!


Twitter: @Heather_Guibert

Instagram: @Heather_Guibert