Can you keep a secret? Three Knocks sticke alt coming soon from Beau’s

Decidedly robust, crisp and bready malts are balanced by spicy hops in this oak-aged interpretation of a secret German brewing tradition
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Beau’s Brewing Co.’s fall Wild Oats Series release is Three Knocks, a rare style of beer known as sticke alt. Altbier is an amber lagered ale, and the regional style of Dusseldorf in Germany. Seasonally, or sometimes just once a year, altbier breweries in Dusseldorf will covertly brew special, stronger batches of their alt, and share them only with family, friends and regular patrons. Beau’s toasts this historical tradition with Three Knocks, a strong, bold and oak-aged version of Beau’s award-winning altbier recipe.


Three Knocks (7% ABV, 55 IBUs) pours brilliant mahogany with a dense ecru foam. The aroma offers deep grainy malt notes complemented by a touch of herbal hops. The flavour notes feature deep, chewy malt and intense but balanced hop bitterness. The long finish offers resonances of crisp malts and spicy Perle hops, with a touch of woody tannin. The brewers recommend serving at 4-6 C, and paring with grilled cedar-planked salmon or tuna, soft or semi-soft cheeses served with walnuts, or a local old-aged cheddar.

Three Knocks sticke alt will be available this fall in Ontario, Québec, British Columbia, Alberta, and New York in bottles and on tap; and in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick on tap only at select craft-friendly establishments. Don’t tell your friends.