A new online gallery
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A new gallery coming from the same people who brought you EIGHT magazine.


The mission of EIGHT magazine was always to get the artwork from the most exciting artists into the homes of young art lovers. Instead of doing this through the pages of our magazine, we are now shifting our focus to original artworks.

The EIGHT gallery has a focus on original works on papers, alongside unique and exciting editions. EIGHT gallery challenge artists to think outside of the box for their editions and want to produce special and fun sets of editions in collaboration with our artists



For our first exhibition, we invited the artist and illustrator Aron Vellekoop León. At the heart of Aron's work is dealing with finding the balance between shapes, spaces and colours. In his recent abstract work, with the restriction of using only the most elementary shapes and form, there seems to be more at stake. Aron has gladly taken on the challenge to find different possibilities to express himself in the most minimal ways. This new direction becoming a laboratory for his practice, but then pushed to the extremes. 


These paintings are not so much about creating the perfect image, but more about playing around with the meaning of shapes and colours. With this series, Aron hopes to inspire people to look around in a more playful way and to find surprising new meanings to everyday objects and shapes.