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Tereza Saghatelyan, UI UX designer

Tereza Saghatelyan, UI UX designer

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Who are you :

I’m Tereza Saghatelyan, UI UX designer from Yerevan. It’s already 4 years that I am developing myself as a designer studying State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia. I’m now to study for my Master’s degree in The Public Administration Academy of RA. In the future, i want to continue as an Art Director. 

My love and interest towards beauty and art were developed since my childhood when I was painting everything I saw and imagine. My mother noticed it and decided to take me to paint school when I was 7, which played a huge role in the decision about my future profession. 

I’m interested also in calligraphy and practicing it actively and beside it, i’m learning motion design.

Your current job: 

I work full time in an IT company in Armenia as a UI designer, but am also a member of a Russian company called ‘’Monolambda’’ as Middle UI Designer. I am working as a Freelancer which I enjoy very much as I love working and interacting with people from around the world.

In which city are you located? 

I was born, am living and creating in Yerevan. But I consider the possibility of moving abroad with purpose if working or studying.

A word to define what kind of worker you are : 

I can describe my working ethics with this structure: dream-goal-realization ( And making a dream into reality in any possible way).

What tools are essential to your life (app, software, etc..) 

I work with Adobe System programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects. 

What does your office space look like? 

Sunny! I work with an excellent team. Most of the interior is mirrored, which is helping me as I get all the amount of light that I need. And of course, high value music is always provided.

What kind of music do you listen when you are working? 

I am an extremely melomane person. I listen to various music and songs depending on my mood and inspiration level. Sometimes I listen to Schubert, then Muse or Coldplay. I’m obsessed with Brazilian jazz, bossa nova especially AsturdGilberdo.

  Also, I’m a big lover of Old school Rap, B.I.G, Coolio and etc.

Do you have a way to organize your day to maximize your work? 

I have little notebooks everywhere, at home, on my phone, on my working desk that I use to set my to-do list for each day. It organizes my daily routine and keeps me motivated.

What tips would you give to improve productivity? 

 I work productively when I have all the info about the project and I understand it clearly. For that sometimes I draw all my steps and follow them sequentially and reach the end effectively. 

You’re better than your colleagues to : 

There is always a better professional from others. My working routine is very well organized, and I always seek for new things in my field of working to keep me interested and use them in my work. I always strive for better and never settle down with what I have. I am always open to better working opportunities. I like risk and am not afraid of new things and changes, that’s why my favorite motto is ‘’Who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne”. This is the motto that introduces me the best.

What is the best advice anyone has given you?

Njdehs'( Armenian statesman and military strategist.) quote that my father uses quite often “Power gives birth to rights” 

What is your best tip for saving time? 

Being organized and drinking the endless amount of coffee. 

What is your routine start and end of the day? 

 My favorite way of starting my working day is running and the work, work, work. There is also sometimes good timing for family gatherings and crazy parties, but working time is the most part of my day. After working day I enjoy walking with my dog, which is fun for him and allows me to get some time walking after long and settled working day. I like to go to bed reading some pages of my favorite books to reveal stress and tension.  

Aside from your computer and your phone, what gadget can you not you go without? 

 I am a huge lover of e-books and am using Kindle often as it is very handy. I am obsessed with audiobooks, they are a huge part of my working routine. Listening to them makes any work interesting and productive. | |