Three top Scandinavian craft brew brands to check out

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The Scandinavians are known for many things, particularly IKEA, meatballs, the Swedish chef and of course for Danish phenomenon hygge, the art of being happy, warm and cozy. However, in recent years the Scandinavian nations have become more and more known across Europe for producing really excellent craft beer. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have all seen a number of craft breweries, both large and small, pop up and Stockholm has become one of the best cities in Europe to go to if you are looking to sample great, locally brewed craft beer. The biggest airline in Scandinavia has even got into the game, collaborating with a Danish brewery to create their own exclusive beer that you can only sample when you are up in the air.

There has never been a better time to try and scout out some of Scandinavia’s top brews and to try out what makes the super cool Scandinavians happy when it comes to beer. To avoid it being a gamble though we thought it would be fun to highlight three of the best brands to try. After all, if you want to gamble you would go to one of your favorite online casinos and try your luck there. So without further ado, here are three great Scandi beer brands with one from each country: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.



Mikkeller is absolutely one of the biggest names in the Scandinavian brewing scene and has been rocking people in Denmark since 2006, growing from a small operation set up by some friends to a company with a revenue of close to $5 million. They are so popular that they now have bars all over the world including in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Tokyo, Bangkok and of course Copenhagen. They are known for being experimental and for their playful and colorful bottle and label designs. A great place to start your Scandi exploration.


Hailing from Stockholm, Omnipollo has a superb range of beers that will delight you and your tastebuds. They are never afraid to try something new and different, even if on paper it sounds like it might not work out. They have a superb wheat beer called 42, an 11.2% imperial stout called Brewmance and even a popsicle Ice cream pilsner made with mango, milk sugar and a blend of their favourite hops. If you are ever in Stockholm you can also go to their very own bar, Omnipollos Hatt which has a superb range of craft beer and sourdough pizza.



Norway’s finest purveyors of craft beer, Lervig’s Hoppin' Frog Sippin' Into Darkness Imperial stout gets a perfect 100 rating on the website rate beer. They have a huge range of craft beers to try, from their easy and relaxed Hoppy Days to the super strong and dark 13% Three Bean Stout. Unlike the other two breweries in this list, they do not come from the capital of their country, Lervig is from the coastal town of Stavanger and they offer tours of their brewery if you want to see how they make their incredibly tasty beers.