5 Benefits of Video Drain Inspection


Professional plumbers who use drain video inspection pride themselves in solving plumbing issues swiftly. Though the cause of your plumbing problem isn’t always evident, one of the ways we can better understand the cause and get immediately to the resolution is by using the most effective technology available to us. This technology would happen to be video drain inspections, which always us to see what is happening in your pipes and let us figure out the best course of action.

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This saves everyone time and money--and who doesn’t love that?


How is a video camera used in the inspection?
The tech involved would be a flexible cable that is equipped with a small camera. Within the camera is a radio transmitter, and there is also an infrared light to illuminate the inside of the piping to make seeing easier. As we push the camera down the drain or sewer line, we can see the internal condition of the pipe. Other information is also provided, like visually identifying breaks, finding the blocked location of the pipeline, and video record of the conditions and issue, if one is found.


What are the benefits of drain camera inspection?
Even if a huge problem doesn’t exist, monthly drain inspections can save you from a monster of a problem later on. Drain camera inspections can simply this monthly maintenance, which is but one advantage. Here are the other benefits:

  • Camera and video: Technology has made it easy to search the nooks and crannies of pipes that would otherwise be difficult to physically see. Video also provides evidence and a record of the conditions of your pipes that can be used for more than just monthly maintenance.
  • Easier to locate damage or problems: Without a clear vision of where things are happening, it is hard to determine how much damage has been done and how to resolve the issue. This can take a lot of time and be very frustratingly. However, with video drain inspections, everything is simplified.
  • No unnecessary digging: Since the camera makes it easier to locate the problem, you may not have to worry about any digging, especially if the camera itself can be used to push through the blockage.
  • More informative: Once information has been received from the video, then the plumber can quickly decide what has to be done next. For example, if you see a blockage, the plumber can discern what’s need to clear it and how much time/effort it will take.
  • Prevention: When it comes to maintenance, there are two ways to go about it. You can either fix the problem before it happens or when it happens. Obviously, the latter is the more expensive route. Having a video camera inspection team on site when you even begin to suspect an issue can save you money and time in the future.

Using these kinds of technologies alongside other plumbing methods allows plumbers to perform any job to the best of their ability. With a better understanding of the condition of the pipe, they can provide more insightful answers and fixes that prevent the problem from occurring ever again.