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Traditional Canadian Foods You Need To Try

Traditional Canadian Foods You Need To Try

Published by BARONMAG

Canadian delicacies are known throughout the world, range from centenary soups to juicy desserts with a mysterious history. Perhaps you’ve already try some of them, but we propose to check yourself. How well do you know the typical Canadian dishes?

We present the top that are really worth trying, as well as places where you can find them.

1. Tourtière pie

This dish has its roots in the distant 1600, which makes it one of the oldest Canadian delicacies. It is said that this marvelous pie got its name from the vessel in which it was baked. Typically, Tourtière pie includes chopped pork, beef, veal or game, as well as a few herbs and spices. At the same time, in some coastal cities, people can use fish instead of meat.

Where to eat: One of the most famous places where you can taste this dish is the Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec. This institution specializes in traditional Quebec dishes, and Tourtière tops their list.

2. Pea soup

To mark the 400th anniversary of the French explorer Samuel de Champlain, the head of Ottawa, Marc Miron decided to find out about the traditional cuisine of the traveler and his team when they first appeared in Canada. It turned out that they came up with the same pea soup – a classic French-Canadian dish. When cooking, it was used canned meat and dried peas.

Where to eat: Miron’s Habitant Pea Soup is considered to be the best producer of this dish, once again proving that it isn’t just an example of Canadian cuisine, but a whole tradition.

3. Poutine

One of the most famous culinary pearls of French Canada is considered to be “Poutine”. Several small towns in Quebec state that they invented the dish, which captured the whole country and won the hearts of tourists. It is assumed that for the first time ” Poutine” appeared in 1950. The traditional recipe includes French fries with cheese and spicy meat sauce.

Where to eat: Any Canadian snack bar, in which there is a French fries, will offer you this dish. If you are ready for more large-scale tastings, then you will enjoy the annual Poutine festivals that are held throughout the country.

4. Canadian bacon

The whole world also knows “Canadian bacon,” which, unlike the traditional bacon is cooked from the abdominal muscles of a pig with lean pork loin. Meat is salted, peppered and covered with a thick layer of corn flour. At one time, Canada massively exported its brand-name bacon to England, where this product was in short supply.

Where to eat: Carousel Bakery is famous for its sandwiches with Canadian bacon, although in many other establishments you can find this dish on the menu.

5. “Caesar” cocktail

Invented in 1969 by the restaurant manager from Calgary, Walter Chell, this cocktail eventually gained the worldwide popularity. According to some studies, more than 350 million of these cocktails are sold annually. The composition of “Caesar” includes the following ingredients: tomato juice with shellfish broth, vodka, Worcestershire sauce and salt on the edges of the glass.

Where to eat: Although “Caesar” in this case is considered a cocktail, one restaurant in Vancouver has turned it into a separate dish, when ordering it you get a whole range of delicious treats. In general, any bartender should know how to cook this delicacy.

6. Dessert “Butter Tarts”

This delicious treat is a vivid example of early Canadian cuisine and has its roots at the beginning of the century. The composition of this marvelous cake includes a neat crispy crust and a creamy filling made from butter, sugar, and eggs.

Where to eat: If you want to try these Butter Tarts, you should go to Kenilworth. Almost all coffee shops and bakeries offer this treat.

7. Dessert “Nanaimo bars”

The eponymous dessert dates back to 1953, when it was mentioned in Edith Adams’s cookbook. Other unconfirmed sources say that the dessert appeared even earlier in the 1930s and was called “cold chocolate cake”. This juicy three-layer dessert is known for its waffle crumbs, vanilla oil cream, and melted chocolate. This combination creates an amazing taste, which helped the dish to become so popular.

Where to eat: You can taste the most delicious Nanaimo bars in Jimmy’s Coffee. This is the cafe with a wonderful romantic atmosphere, and is perfectly suitable for a date with your girlfriend. If you find more places where you can make an ideal date, click our