C2 speakers lean deep into the learning curve in 2018

C2 Montréal (May 23-25) is where the best and brightest from all industries come to share their experience and impart the wisdom of those who know what it takes to initiate real change. The following speakers represent a cross-section of the field-leading brands and businesses taking the stage this year.
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Embrace imminent shifts in our world economy

Canopy Growth’s is to the cannabis industry what Jimi Hendrix was to guitar: a self-taught virtuoso who is shaping and changing the game…. The closest thing to a crystal ball, The Economist’s helps us strategically prepare for a fast-approaching future with his predictive “The World in…” series… IDEO U dean will teach you how to tackle complex systemic challenges with your design thinking cap on… Emerging markets entrepreneur is turbocharging opportunities for thousands of African SMEs, helping to change the way an entire continent does business.

Design changes the way people think, feel and do and so can you

FlashBANG creative director is putting a friendly face on technology (sometimes literally) by building emotional connections between humans and machines… Eight Inc. CEO works with blue-chip brands designing experiences that change the way you think, feel and do (to wit, those iconic Apple stores are his doing)... Brazilian architect and designer is bridging disciplines while perfecting the art of urban spaces.

Look at the world around you with a fresh perspective

Former Disney artist and animator will help you draw on your own creativity, release your inner lion king (or queen) and bring ideas to lifeCulture hacker and author is teaching us that there’s an awful lot to be learned from the world’s underground economic misfits… Transhumanist playwright shows us what the next evolution of humankind might look, and think, like.

Build a smarter, better and more stylish future

Social enterprise entrepreneur creates high-quality clothing materials for major brands from recycled refuse, and jobs – lots of jobs… General Fusion CEO is on the cusp of developing a clean fusion energy technology that could change the way you power, well, everything… Biohacker is getting under people’s skin, one microchip implant at a time, on his mission for seamless interaction between humans and technology.

Equality + diversity = prosperity

USC prof and anti-exploitation activist is leading a global justice crusade against human trafficking and exploitative labour practices… And Rent-a-Minority Founder, President and Chief Hopes and Dreams Officer has just the answer for businesses struggling with questions of diversity.

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