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Secrets of successful executive summary APA writing

Secrets of successful executive summary APA writing

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“An executive summary APA format is the first step in the cooperation between the authors of the project and their target readers such as potential investors or people who make decisions. It’s a short insight to the whole project. The better impression it provides the more success it will bring to the report writer”, according to the authors’ of Agricultural Economics Undergraduate Writing Handbook.

An executive summary APA format is a sort of a business plan. It’s a certain preview of the whole project. An executive summary APA format must be brief but striking. Target readers are to realize that the project is really worth a lot. As a rule, they lack the time and cannot read the whole paper. By the way, they have many clients and want to become investors only for the best ideas. That’s why they read executive summary APA format and make their decision concerning some particular project.

The essential executive summary APA format requirements:

Executive summary APA format mustn’t exceed 2 pages.

Each sentence must prove the importance and profitability of the project.

First, a writer should finish a project and only then proceed to executive summary APA format creation because it will be easier and more effective.

Executive summary APA format must reassure the investor that the project will be successful.

The language style should correspond to the reader’s interests (a writer has to learn as much as possible about the investor’s preferences).

Writers must be really responsible and pay much attention to executive summary APA format creation. They will succeed in case target readers will like it because after that they will read the whole paper.

What Is APA Format Requirements?

APA style formatting guidelines are the following:

12, Times New Roman

Each margin – 1 inch (2.54 centimeters)

Double space

Running head usage

Heading and subheadings

Proper language (no jargon and sophisticated words unfamiliar to the audience)

A writer mustn’t neglect the last point. The style of the executive summary language must impress the readers and be clear and distinct. Each business plan consists of several sections. A good executive summary APA format must include a short conclusion on each section that must have not more than 5 sentences.

Structure of the Executive Summary APA Format

Like any other serious document, an executive summary is to be well-structured and logical. The main parts of the executive summary are:

  • the introduction of the product/idea that must captivate the target readers, impress them and make them wish to be involved
  • it’s way of realization in details
  • possible expenses and risks or challenges that can appear and ways of their solution
  • the benefit the project will bring and the perspective for some other cooperation with the investor in future the conclusion

To impress the target audience a writer must include the executive summary APA format the following information:

  1. The opportunity that a project can give
  2. Description of the way the project will work
  3. The customers that a project can attract
  4. Facts about the product that will surely make customers buy it
  5. A brief description of the business strategy
  6. Persuasion that the project is the best among all possible competitors’ ideas
  7. A financial plan for at least three years
  8. Information about the benefits of the investor’s company
  9. The way the author is going to implement the business plan

Some experts recommend writing an outline first and then proceeding to an executive summary creation. An outline must inform the readers about the company that presents the project. The author of the project should tell about company’s mission, its history, business evolution, and goals. A writer should also show a financial report that must prove the effectiveness of the methods the company uses in business development.

It’s also very important not to forget about the page limitation. The author must select the most important points and present it in two pages. It’s better not to use unnecessary words. It’s better to make the text rough but informative than wordy and fuzzy.