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«Cooking is another art form that is fun to explore» – The food interview with Ellen Doty

«Cooking is another art form that is fun to explore» – The food interview with Ellen Doty

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Calgary based musician Ellen Doty released her second album untitled «Come Fall» last month. 

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With her delicate and powerful voice accompanied by sensitive jazz sounds, she quickly became an excellent and noteworthy singer-songwriter in Canada. Since she will end her tour on April 17 with a concert at the Sala Rossa in Montreal, we took the opportunity to talk to her about … food! And we would like that, taste her delicious tacos one day!

Who are you and what’s your relationship with food?

My name is Ellen Doty. I’m a pop/jazz singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta. I love coffee, basketball, travel, and meeting new people. I absolutely love food! When I’m heading to a new city on tour, I often ask for recommendations from friends for the best restaurants to try (and coffee), and I also love to experiment in my own kitchen. 

Are you better in the kitchen or on the stage? 

I’d probably say on the stage. I’ve delved into cooking a lot more in the last few years, but I still have a lot to learn. Cooking is another art form that is fun to explore. 

What music are you listening to when you cook? 

It depends on my mood, but I generally listen to jazz or fairly mellow music when I’m cooking. Anything from Nat King Cole or Keith Jarrett to Leif Vollebekk.  

What are the ingredients you could not live without? 

Garlic, sea salt, onions, citrus, cheese, avocado, and kale. 

If your music were a kind of food… What would it be? 

I think it would be a tasty soup. Simple/minimal in presentation, but with some complexity and depth. Good for taking in slowly and keeping you warm. 

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever been served? 

I had a tuna sandwich on tour in a small town that didn’t taste quite right, and it ended up giving me some awful food poisoning. I was sick for at least a full day. Not fun! 

Have you special food requests for music promoters while on tour? 

I ask for healthy, balanced meals, with lots of vegetables. It’s easy to get in the habit of just eating pizza or fast food or whatever is quick and easy on tour, but I want to feed my body with healthy nutrients so that I feel good on stage! And a little wine doesn’t hurt too. 

I’m coming to your place for dinner tonight. What are we gonna eat? What music will you put on? 

I’m just making dinner right now, so if you’re coming over, we’re having tacos! Hand-fried tortilla shells, stuffed with slow-cooked chicken, cheese, refried beans (with jalapeños), lettuce, tomatoes, homemade spicy taco sauce, and topped with cilantro. Guacamole, sour cream, and rice on the side, paired with white wine. Perhaps a fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc. I will play you a playlist I recently made on Spotify titled «Chill Soul/Jazz Music». It is a collection of some of my favourite soul/jazz tunes, both old and new. 

If I invite you over for dinner, what should I cook to impress you? 

I love Thai food. Can you make me a Thai curry? 

What are your favourite places to eat in Montréal? 

I really like Café Résonance (for both the food and the live music). I’ve also eaten at Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe, and Aux Vivres recently and those were both excellent. 

Ellen Doty

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