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Ron, owner of Going Underground Records

Ron, owner of Going Underground Records

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In collaboration with Kaneshii Vinyl Press

Who are you and your current job 

Hello, My name is Ron and I run Going Underground Records. I opened the shop nearly 17 years ago out of a desire to create an amazing record store, it’s an endless journey that I am still excited to be a part of. 

In which city are you located? 

Going underground is located in Bakersfield California, as of April 2018 we will be opening a second shop at 4355 Melrose Ave in LA , Ca which we are very excited about.

What musical styles do you specialize in?

Going Underground doesn’t specialize in one genre of music, we try to focus on every genre and be strong in each music style if you come in looking for the soul…we have great stock, jazz…great..rock…yes…punk..yep..metal …yes. etc …. even down to female pop vocals. Records can be a very personal thing, so we are a store that can appeal to anyone.

Can you give a small tour of the music scene in your town?

The music scene in Bakersfield varies, but it’s great. We do two record labels, one is mainly punk rock on the house label , Going Underground…the other is called OBEAH records and were have a few records at the plant from amazing local bands…2 45’s coming out from The Soul Chance who play Reggae / Soul..and another 45 from a local indie band called ALMNC , which will be followed up by their debut Lp.

What’s it like working in a record shop? 

It’s a tougher job than most people think, lots of hard work.

What mind-blowing album are you listing right now? (and why?)

I’m obsessed with the first Lemuria Lp right now and Congos – Heart of the Congos is a constant play. Why? Cant tell you but they are both amazing records in two totally different fields.

What does it take for an indie record shop to survive? 

Took a lot of hard work and patience, suffering for a bit…being poor…no sleep. Cool right? We made it..never take anything for granted.

What does Record Store Day, mean to you and your business? 

RSD is alright, but it’s cool if everyone that only shops on record store days roll thru the other 300+ days of the year was here..we literally stock daily.

Tips for musicians launching an album? 

Spotify is cool.

5 local musician to check out!







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Bakersfield [California] city guide x Ron

Café | Dagneys / Cafe Smitten 


Restaurant  | Bar – Tiki Co / The Mint – Tiki Co 

Shopping | Going Underground 

Grocery | What? Cmon. We shop at Trader Joes.

Band | The Soul Chance | | |